Digicom are experts in connecting your team, stakeholders and clients, using the latest video conferencing technology. So you can give everyone a seat at the meeting room table, wherever they are in the world.
It's counterintuitive, but you have to design your physical space for the people who aren't there Jared Spataro (CVP Microsoft)

With our video conferencing solutions you'll get...

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Adaptable set-ups that change and grow with your business

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Professional installation that looks as good as it functions

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Standardisation across all your offices, locations and workspaces

We’re certified by the best in the business

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Which video conferencing solution should you choose?

Here’s our quick-glance comparison of the ‘big 4’ video conferencing solutions


Teams Zoom GoToMeeting WebEx
Platform support Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Mobile (Android & iOS)

Web Application

Desktop app (Windows & Mac)

Mobile (Android & iOS)

Web Application

Desktop app (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

File, screen, and app sharing Extensive collaboration features, including:

Robust chat

Whiteboard templates

Action item lists, and a Wiki

Screen sharing

Remote control access

Basic whiteboard and chat features

App sharing

Desktop sharing

On-screen annotations sharing

Notes sharing

Keyboard and mouse sharing

Give/take controls when sharing

App sharing

Desktop sharing

Give/take control when sharing

Share system audio

Document co-authoring

Virtual whiteboarding

Security, administration, and reporting 256 bit TLS encryption

AES-256 encryption


End-to-end encryption

Passcode protected calls

Teams Admin security dashboard for external sharing and guest access 

End-to-end encryption 

Encryption at rest 

Multi-factor authentication

Compliant with all major regional data management initiatives (GDPR, HIPAA, SOC, etc.)

Easily managed security and privacy dashboard

Encryption options for all collaborations

Admin controls

Reporting and analytics tools

Device management portal

Encryption options for all collaborations

Reporting and analytics tools

Monitoring and alerting features

Admin controls

Device management portal

Integrations 700+, tightly integrated with Microsoft 365, and Zapier Nearly 2,000 and Zapier 20+ integrations  270+ integrations


If you can’t decide, we can consult with you and design a solution that fits your needs. 

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Reimagine how you do meetings


No need to book rooms 15 minutes in advance just to set-up the tech


Don’t take your IT person away from their day job when the audio goes wrong


Video call equality, no matter where the attendees are based


Keep your team engaged and the culture alive when working from home


Keep meetings quick and more efficient when connectivity is seamless


Save costly travel expenses by creating seamless video experiences

Discover how Digicom helps clients such as Dropbox, Blueface and EY power the potential of their people and workspaces.

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