Say goodbye to bad connections, inefficient meetings and tech that just doesn’t work.

From AV solutions, to digital signage, video walls and remote room booking systems, through to print solutions, workflow automations and remote management. We believe it’s not just about the tech, it’s how the tech powers the potential of your people and workspaces to enable seamless connectivity and greater productivity.
We’re experts in specialist AV & digital workspace connectivity that create memorable experiences for your employees, partners and stakeholders Digicom
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Meetings made easy

Whether it’s an annual board meeting, weekly team huddle, or client presentation, with our 30-second-set-up-guarantee your focus can be on the opportunities for productivity and growth - not what could go wrong with the tech:

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Happy hybrid working

Your employees expect hybrid working models, so in order to retain and attract the best talent this experience needs to be seamless and easy, with systems that enable productivity and keep the culture alive.

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Beyond the board room

Taking a holistic approach to your buildings and workspaces means consistency and standardisation in the tech, remote room booking and consideration to how great work can happen across the communal areas, hallways and remote offices.

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Print solutions that save money and the environment

Inflexibility, lack of hybrid connectivity, expensive hardware - it can often feel like printing got left behind in the digital revolution. Our managed printers, software and document management systems, prove that innovative solutions can enable smarter working, efficiency and cost savings.

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Equipment and services that scale with AV as a Service (AVaaS)

Instead of investing in expensive AV tech, with one monthly payment you can gain hired access to all the meeting room equipment and services you need. As your business scales, you have the flexibility to change and adapt the equipment and services along with it.

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You’re never on your own with or support and remote managed services

We get that tech isn’t set. Worrying about whether the video link up will work, should be the last thing on your mind when you’re about to present to the board. We offer a full support service with fast response and remote management, right through the life of your tech.

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