What is AVoIP and does my business need it?

What is AVoIP?

AVoIP stands for Audio Visual over Internet Protocol. It’s the latest tech to enable collaboration across teams and workspaces.

AVoIP refers to the delivery and transmission of audio and video content over any IP infrastructure, including WAN, LAN, or 5G wireless. Using the technology, team members can make and receive phone calls over your internet connection, instead of your traditional phone line.

It also simplifies the delivery of real-time content via digital signage for example, combining 4K video, text, and wayfinding.

What are the advantages of AVoIP?

AVoIP offers companies a more cost-effective, scalable, user-friendly solution for their conferencing and collaboration needs.

Some of the biggest advantages are:

Scalability: AV over IP is highly scalable, meaning that it can be used in applications that require video and audio distribution to many endpoints, including large auditoriums, stadiums, campuses and other multi-room environments.

Cost-effective: AV over IP can be more cost-effective than traditional AV distribution methods, as it eliminates the need for specialized cabling and infrastructure.

It also reduces the need for costly hardware, such as dedicated matrix switchers.

Flexibility: AV over IP allows users to send video and audio signals to any location on the network, without being limited by physical cabling or infrastructure. This makes it easier to add new devices or reconfigure the network as needed.

Centralised Management: AV over IP enables centralised management of audio and video signals, making it easier to control and monitor the distribution of content across the network.

This can simplify troubleshooting and reduce downtime.

High-quality Signal: AV over IP uses compression algorithms to transmit audio and video signals, which can result in a high-quality signal.

This is especially true when compared to analog signal distribution methods, which can be susceptible to signal degradation over long distances.

Another main benefit is scalability of your system – which makes it easy to expand as your business and team grows.

With increased remote working and international offices, AVoIP offers employees a low cost way to stay connected and productive.

What are the disadvantages of AVoIP?

There are some advantages to moving everything onto a single common network. In order to leverage AVoIP, you’ll need a healthy existing network infrastructure in place.

Another disadvantage comes down to training your staff and employees on how to make the most out.

This is something the Digicom team can support you with.

Does my business need AVoIP?

AVoIP can be useful for many businesses, particularly those with larger footprints, university campuses and large conference spaces are, more increasingly, using AV over IP as a solution.

Other suitable spaces for AVoIP include large-scale video distribution throughout an office, conference facility or campus and spaces where the room needs to be reconfigured based on the position of walls.

At Digicom, we have set up AVoIP for many clients and it starts with an initial free consultation to understand your needs and whether AVoIP is the right solution for you.

To discuss get in touch with our team here.