25 Sep

Time to Plan for a Pandemic Preventative Workspace (PPW)

It is becoming clear that until the pandemic has weakened its in presence in Western Europe, we have little hope of returning to our office. Our government has issued guidelines, which from levels 1 to 5 have some level of instruction, not to return to the office. In the meanwhile our economy will struggle and our mental health, challenged. In particular, younger employees, whose right of social passage has been denied and learning by osmosis deferred. 

There is no denying and the research proves that the office environment will return. But not in the guise of its old norm. The culture and values of an organisation will be exercised in the community of the new norm office. But it will be different.

Office Employment Graph September 2020

Put simply, only half the people will work in the office and most lightly will require twice the space for social distance. It is with this in mind and with the opportunity of non-occupancy in offices for the foreseeable, that leaders need to plan. 

The workspace needs more protection and partition between desks. More management of furniture and office inventory. Wider collaboration spaces with technology that makes contact to employees, working from home, as seamless in delivery. Intuitive, simple and that works every time. 

A task team that includes architectural, engineering and IT expertise should be formed within the business . Designing the solution for the new norm involves collaboration between and compromise. But the purpose of the new office norm is to have the most productive environment that feels safe and secure for the employee.  

While the occupancy delta exists, the opportunity to plan and deploy is alive.

Feel free to contact us to start the process on the ladder to the new norm.

Peter Fox, Sales Director


Tel. 01 460 0022

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