Peace of mind that you’ve got expert backup when you need it most


We know that every minute your meeting room is offline and unavailable, it’s an issue. Whether you’ve taken care of your AV in-house in the past, or are switching providers, we can support you with our friendly, reliable and
best-in-class support services and remote management.

We provide support services for every business, from local to global brands

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With remote monitoring we’ll know if a meeting room is offline before you do

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We’ll keep up to date on the latest tech and innovations, so you don’t have to

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Our staff are highly knowledgeable and continue to take professional training

We believe tech support should ease the burden on your IT team. Enabling continuous, seamless connectivity across your people, places and workspaces.

Log service calls
Track active service calls
View service history
View and track usage and status details 24/7
Guaranteed response times
Remote diagnostics & Telephone hotline support

Got a question? You might find it in our FAQs

This sounds great to me, but how can I convince the rest of my team that it’s time for a tech-change?
You need a return on your investments. We get it, so let’s look at: How much is staff attrition costing because of poor infrastructure in the digital workplace? How seamless is the Hybrid model working, without the correct tools in place? Does one really need to travel, locally or globally?, can we cut down on staff expenses and lost productivity in travel time?
How long does the install process take? We need to use our rooms and spaces, so we can’t afford to have them out of action for long
We need to understand your use case. We’ll build a requirements document and from there a proposal. Once agreed we deploy through site coordination and support your team for the lifetime of the solution. Each room is completed on a phased basis from 2 days to 1 week, depending on its complexity
What happens if we invest in AV and digital workspace tech and then it’s out of date a couple of years later?
Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) helps you scale and stay up to date. Let us know more about what you need
Do you offer on-site, as well as remote AV tech support?
Our support is Ireland & EMEA wide. Onsite & remote

Want access to equipment and services that scale? Discover our AV as a Service (AVaaS) packages.

As your business changes and grows, you have the flexibility to change and adapt your equipment and services along with it.

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