18 Mar

Remote working in a rapidly changing world

The current outbreak will pass. Sadly it will have an economic impact and people will lose their lives, prematurely. In an ever conscious world of populated clusters and global warming, we will remain challenged with changing our social and work habits, in order to give back to mother nature, what is hers.

Our professional contribution can only be to reduce carbon emissions and protect the human race. The Victorian concept of going to a central location in order to work will have to reduce drastically. Undoubtedly meeting face to face is the best way of networking. But familiarity should breathe the use of collaborative technology over the lifetime of that business relationship, rather than the constant need to travel.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, identified that the digital transformation will look after itself.

It’s the human behavior that’s lagging behind.

We all have a bias and our bias is resistant to change in our habits. That is the primal part of our brain dominating the frontal cortex. We need our psychological safety in situ when handling transformation.

So from a Comms perspective all we can do is offer the tools. MS Teams, Slack, Zoom, GSuite or GoTo. But with it we must dovetail our behaviour around their benefits. Like it or not Video Collaboration reduces the need for travel & CO2 emissions. Shared annotation on collaborative platforms likewise. Embracing this will give us more time and more space to reflect. Rather than the carousel of endless traffic, airports, hotel food and parking. It will never end. But by using these tools in moderation, it will reduce it and the stress.

The above requires not only procurement of the tools but a genuine want within the organisation to embrace a culture shift. Dare I say it, to really implement that much overused value ‘Collaboration’. But in order to achieve it an organisation must actively engage in that other much overused value ‘Trust’. It’s probably more important to workshop the benefits of such technology, rather than just land it. 

But productivity will undoubtedly improve the more it is used and the trick will be to get your own time back in the process.

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