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Cloud document management software (also called Electronic Document Management System or EDMS) and workflow automation software enables you to digitise, secure and work with business documents, then optimise the processes that power the core of your business.

By removing wasted time and uncertainty from your processes, your team is free to focus on the work that drives productivity and profit.

Document Management sofware and EDMS are a perfect solution for distributed and remote teams that need to operate at full productivity.

The digital transformation and automation of your business should include:

  • Capture and import tools to bring documents into the system (i.e. scanning)
  • Methods for storing and archiving documents
  • Indexing and retrieval tools to locate documents
  • Distribution tools for exporting documents from the system and security to protect documents from unauthorised access

Electronic document management software (EDMS) provides an automated way of organising, capturing, digitising, tagging, approving, storing, accessing, and completing tasks involving your business files and documents. Cloud-based document management software gives you access to a secure, central online repository of your documents where you can easily search and retrieve files and share with others. All these translate to efficiency, productivity, and savings. And you also contribute to the paperless movement that’s good for the environment.

EDMS functionality often overlaps with those of content management systems (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), and record management systems. These systems have specialised functions with features for their specific purpose, although EDMS by the nature of its function has grown to encompass capabilities and tools for collaboration, security, workflow, auditing, and for managing electronic documents.

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Work remotely, improve productivity while saving time, money and reducing waste with document software

Years in business
Years in business
Happy Customers
Happy Customers
Years of Combined Management Experience
Years of Combined Management Experience
Choice for Irish AV and Print
Choice for Irish AV and Print
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We’ve worked with Digicom since The Marker Hotel opened in March 2013. Digicom look after our Audio Visual installations and our Printing requirements. I’m pleased to say that in all these years they’ve always provided us with excellent and reliable service and I would happily recommend them. The clever Audio Visual solutions in particular have greatly contributed to enhance our customer experience.

Charlie Sheil, General Manager

The Marker Hotel

Charlie Sheil General Manager

“Digicom offer a lot of help and expertise. They provide new and exciting equipment and ideas of how to integrate it into a building. For us it was a total solution. It’s not just the technology, it’s how the technology fits in with the people and with your building. Right from the starting point of design and implementation, right through to execution, Digicom is a one-stop shop for all your audio visual solutions.”

Stephen Scannell


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Stephen Scannell Director Global IT Service Support

“Having worked with Digicom for a number of years one thing remains constant, their professionalism. It’s also refreshing to work with a company that’s forward thinking and proactive. Digicom are always open to suggestion on the various projects we have worked on together. What I appreciate most about working with Digicom is their ability to look at the needs of everyone on a project, keep them all happy, and deliver the expected results and then some. We have had challenging projects with tight timelines and in particular delivery of our mission critical Audio Conferencing system, in our Boardroom, at Head Office, Mespil Road, Dublin 4. Since then with the help of Digicom we have implemented the categorisation and standardisation of our video conference and presentation display systems in our meeting rooms across the BOI Group, and the management of them has become much easier and has consistently satisfied the users experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any project in AV/VC.”

Henry O’Donnell

Bank of Ireland

Henry O'Donnell Procurement Manager, Infrastructure and Services

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