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In an ideal world, offices would be paper-free, fully digital and always operating efficiently. Although we’re not quite there yet, print technology continues to innovate at an exciting pace.
We’re proud of our track record of saving clients up to 35% on their printing costs Peter Fox, Business Development Director

To make the most of the tech, while also saving money and becoming more sustainable, opting for managed print services (MPS) is a great choice.

At Digicom, we can set up your document management system for you and also provide MPS. When you work with us, you’ll cut costs, reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint.

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As the first CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark Certified company in Ireland, we offer the global standard in print auditing and system design.

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Work-from-home friendly systems with access from any location.

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Cut waste, track usage and help save the environment with doc management.

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Securely create, store and use information in line with GDPR compliance.

What Are Managed Print Services?

This is a comprehensive solution for managing your business printing needs.

Outsourcing this task to a managed service provider allows your organisation to optimise its print infrastructure, reduce printing costs, enhance document security and improve the overall printing processes.

What are the Business Benefits of Managed Print Services?

This print solution offers several benefits to organisations looking to streamline printing operations and save money.

Key advantages include:

Cost Savings

By optimising hardware, supplies, and workflows, businesses can save money on consumables, energy and maintenance expenses.

This also leads to more predictable budgeting. Managed print services offer consistent costs through fixed monthly or per-page pricing models, making it easier to pinpoint printing expenses.


Providers assess and streamline print-related processes, leading to increased efficiency in document management. This can result in faster printing, reduced downtime and improved productivity.

Plus, improved printing processes mean employees spend less time dealing with print-related issues, allowing them to focus on tasks that add value.

Environmental Impact

Many providers focus on environmentally sustainable practices, helping clients to reduce waste, energy consumption and paper usage. This helps businesses reduce carbon emissions and meet environmental goals.


MPS often include enhanced document security features, such as user authentication, encryption and secure printing. This helps protect sensitive or confidential information from unauthorised access.

Simplified Procurement

MPS providers handle printer procurement, maintenance, and supplies, reducing the administrative burden on organisations.


As businesses grow or change, service providers can easily adapt to accommodate new requirements and technologies. This takes the pressure off the company, as the solution is scaled by the provider.

Additionally, MPS providers often offer access to the latest printing technology, which helps businesses stay up-to-date with innovation.

Comprehensive Analytics

Insights can be gathered into an organisation’s print habits, costs and usage trends, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Essentially, the benefits to your business extend beyond simply saving money to encompass improved productivity, environmental sustainability, security, and streamlined operations. These advantages make MPS an attractive solution for organisations of all sizes.

How Does it Work?

When an organisation comes to Digicom for Managed Print Services, we take a structured and collaborative approach.

Here’s how it typically works:

1. Initial Assessment

The process begins with an assessment of your existing print environment. This might include an inventory of all printing devices (printers, copiers, multifunction devices, etc), an evaluation of print volumes, and an analysis of current costs and workflows.

During this stage, we’ll also identify what your needs are, as well as your specific challenges and goals related to printing.

2. Design a Custom Solution

Based on the assessment, we’ll design a tailored plan that addresses your unique requirements. This plan could include recommendations for hardware and software solutions, cost-saving strategies and workflow improvements.

3. Implementation

Hardware Procurement: We may recommend and procure new devices, if necessary, to replace outdated or inefficient equipment. Alternatively, we might optimise the use of existing hardware.

Software Integration: Software solutions that improve document management, secure printing and optimise workflows can be implemented.

Security Enhancements: Security measures to protect sensitive documents and data can be put in place.

4. Maintenance and Support

Regular Maintenance: As the Managed Print Services provider, we typically assume responsibility for the maintenance and repair of printing devices, ensuring they’re always operational and fit for purpose.

Supplies Management: Supplies, such as toner and paper, will also be managed. This ensures they are consistently available as required.

5. Ongoing Optimisation

We’ll continue to work collaboratively with your business to optimise the print environment. This may involve making adjustments based on evolving needs or technology advancements.

This optimisation also involves implementing cost-control measures, such as rules and policies to reduce waste, minimise unnecessary printing and lower operational expenses.

As your organisation grows or changes, our scalable solution can be adapted to accommodate new requirements and technologies.

At Digicom, our services are designed to be flexible and tailored to the specific needs of each company. The goal is to simplify print management, reduce costs, enhance security and improve overall printing processes, ultimately benefiting your business and your employees.

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Switching to Digicom managed print services will…


Give you a greater level of flexibility and control for increased efficiency


Keep you up to date with the latest innovation in printing solutions


Give you far greater insight into print use and expense


Keep your information secure, compliant, usable and accessible


Add to your bottom line by cutting print costs by an average of 35%


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