04 Sep

Office ‘Politics’ is not a bad word

As we enter the seventh month of this pandemic, I am picking up frustration with workers who cannot return to the office. Not because their productivity would be better. Not because they want the commute. But because they feel alone and socially deprived of the workplaceThe politics of the office is often perceived as a cancer. But in our new world we must realise the beauty of social interaction in the workplace. We learn by osmosis. We exchange intellectual property sub consciously. The pandemic has created a delta. Technology schedules communication. Social interaction, networking creates enterprise. We need to create a blend of technology and face to face. We need to understand ‘decisions from work’ & ‘decisions from home’. We need to recognise the space and technology between them. Too often in this pandemic, we are allowing them to be the same and it’s affecting our mental health. 

The office of the future will be a community hub. There will also be suburban shared spaces of excellence, in order to identify our need for different workspaces and not let the ‘work’ technology invade our recreational space, even when using the same technology deviceDecisions made by family. Decisions made by friendship and decisions made by business relationships all come from a different mindset. Do not mix them up. Structure a blend. Remote working, at home and in the office. Make the best out of the collaborative technology but make rules. You will not get the time back.

Author: Peter Fox, AV Commercial Director

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