Digicom C-Suite Business Lunch

  • Theme: When Culture Meets Smart Working Environments
  • Venue: Marker Hotel
  • Date: 18 September


Creating an engaged and motivated workplace is not just about technology. More than ever having a high performance company culture, shared values and a brand that resonates with employees and customers alike remain the pillars of success.

How can an organisation build an effective company culture while implementing new collaboration tools and processes as part of its digital transformation journey? If you care about these issues and would like to make a difference in your business, then we’ve got the event for you. We’re partnering with a leading Strategy & Culture specialist, Theresa Daly.

A popular and rising figure in the field, Theresa has helped organisations deliver their strategy and change management and meet the challenges of changing the way we work today. One of many notable projects was the Workplace Transformation of One Microsoft Place in Dublin. Theresa delivered a connected, vibrant employee experience through improving productivity, fostering collaboration, facilitating the business strategy and leading a change management programme supporting management in their role as leaders of new ways of working.

Could you use some of Theresa’s tips and recommendations to help you build a better work environment? If so, register to attend today. We’ll meet with Theresa and a panel of experts for an insightful session over lunch.

Who should attend?

This event is particularly relevant to C suite professionals and IT experts looking for ways to improve productivity and company culture.

Seats are limited and filling up fast, click below to register today.

Meet the Panel:

Theresa Daly of Wilfield Consulting

Main Speaker: Theresa Daly, Wilfield Consulting

We are partnering with a leading Strategy & Culture Specialist, Theresa Daly. Theresa brings depth and experience gained from working with leading global brands. Theresa has helped organisations manage through rapid growth, adapt business models in a changing marketplace, build change leadership skills and successfully transition from a traditional work environment to activity-based working. One of her accomplishments was the Workplace Transformation of One Microsoft Place in Dublin.

David Petherbridge from RKD Architects

David Petherbridge, RKD Architects

Widely recognised and respected as an industry leader, David heads the RKD Commercial and Retail Design Groups. He creates buildings and spaces for clients that form the physical manifestation of their organisational vision. David uses design responsibly as a force for positive change, helping clients to successfully navigate challenges in their real estate portfolios.

Paddy Conlon, CBRE

Paddy Conlon, CBRE

Executive Director for CBRE, Paddy is a recognised figure in the “Office of the Future” landscape in Ireland. Key things driving change in his industry are automation, digitalisation and the growing importance of artificial intelligence. Innovations in property and the growing trend towards “agile” working will also be key factors for the successful office of the future.

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