28 Nov

Choose the services you want, only pay for what you need

Pc, laptops and tablets have become consumable items. Change the trend:  choose the services you want, only pay for what you need

In many ways, companies have found that when buying a new computer for their organisation, the device they have purchased will only fit their requirements for that moment in time. A reason for this is that the manufactures of our operating systems and the applications that we use on a day to day basis are continuously bringing out new features that either require more space, more memory or more processing power.

You then get caught in the cycle of your computer slowing down and becoming cumbersome to use. Productivity decreases, reports become slower to run… When we might have been waiting a few short moments for our computer to start so we can answer that urgent email our devices are now taking ten minutes just to get all the services to start in our operating system. Companies now have a depreciating asset that is no long fit for purpose and is expensive to maintain and support.

So what is the solution? The short response is: PC as a Service.

By using PC as a Service, upgrading your devices becomes less of a financial issue. Owning old and outdated technology can do more harm than good to business operations. The ability to acquire better devices or services without breaking your company’s budget means that your business can expand in other important areas.

When a company adopts a PCaaS model companies pay a monthly fee per user for the devices and services needed by their employees.

There are significant benefits to this growing technological trend:

  • Predictable budget planning. No upfront investment
  • Reduce day to day management costs
  • Ensure most up to date technology through accelerated PC refreshes
  • No ownership or disposal burden
  • Get flexible financing
  • Get personalized hardware tailored to your employees’ needs

But the real benefits of PC as a Services is this: a single, predictable price per unit per month, and when your device becomes to slow, and believe me IT WILL, just trade up to the newest model that will meet your business needs and continue to pay a single, predictable price per unit per month.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and we can help you build your own package from the range of services we offer. With personalised orders. Managed rollouts. Ongoing support. And a lot of choice for just one monthly payment. From 50 to 5,000 seats, PCaaS gives you the choice to, well, choose.

For further information on our Pc As A Service visit our page or email us on Pcaas@digicom.ie

Jeremy Seligman, Product Innovation Manager

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