29 May

Digicom Wins National Leadership Award at Second Annual LIFT Ireland Event at the Aviva Stadium

Digicom was recognised with an award for its commitment to leadership at an annual leadership event held at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin on Wednesday 22nd May. The award, from LIFT Ireland, a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership in Ireland, was accepted on behalf of Digicom by Greg Clarke, MD and Barry Mulligan, Sales Manager. Over the last 12 months, Digicom has introduced LIFT Ireland’s positive leadership training and made a commitment to fostering leadership values across its 40 employees.

Greg Clarke spoke of their delight at winning the award and about how adopting LIFT’s leadership training practice has positively affected the organisation:

“Leadership is such a fundamental, both in business and beyond, that to to be involved with LIFT as a founder member and now with our co-workers is fantastic. LIFT is lifting our standards, enabling meaningful internal engagement, and as importantly embedding our core values of Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity and Respect.”

LIFT Ireland, which stands for ‘Leading Ireland’s Future Together’, was founded in 2017 by siblings Joanne and David Hession along with Sonya Lennon, founder of Dress For Success Dublin. The collective movement aims at teaching people of Ireland, from ages 14 and up, positive leadership skills. LIFT does this through its eight-part, group learning programme. Since its launch in May 2018, almost 1,000 people have become involved, from across Ireland. LIFT adopters have included community groups, businesses, schools, and sports clubs including, most notably, Munster Rugby.

On Wednesday afternoon, LIFT Ireland recognised over twenty organisations from all sectors for their commitment to leadership and LIFT throughout the past year. One individual award was announced on the day – ‘The Dominick Lewis Excellence in Leadership Award 2019, named posthumously after an early LIFT advocate and advisor.

Joanne Hession, Co-Founder of LIFT Ireland spoke of the reasoning behind the event.

“LIFT Ireland was created to increase the level of positive leadership capabilities in Ireland. Our goal is that by 2028 over 10% of the country’s population will be “Living LIFT”. That is to say that around half a million Irish people will have experienced our learning groups and adopted the teachings in their everyday lives. Last May, to celebrate the launch of LIFT Ireland, we held ‘LIFT OFF’. To keep the momentum going, we wanted to hold annual LIFTING events from LIFTING 2019 through to LIFTING 2028 and beyond. That is the reason we are here today. It’s been very inspiring to hear from so many great leaders and those positively affected by LIFT ”

Joanne Hession_Greg Clarke_Lift Ireland 2019

At LIFTING 2019, over 300 leaders from all around the country discussed how Ireland could benefit from better leadership systems. The event included its largest gathering of LIFT round tables to date, conducted by over 50 facilitators. A leadership panel, with thought leaders from sport and business, discussed leadership values. One of the standout moments of the day came when attendees shared their personal LIFTING stories. This series of short, first-hand accounts of people’s experience with LIFT was delivered by a diverse cohort of LIFT participants. This ranged from parents and CEOs to GAA coaches and secondary school students.

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