EMEA Multi-Site Support Services


At Digicom, we’re here to support your organisation no matter where you’re located. We help organisations across Ireland, the UK,  Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). 

Our multi-site support services are designed to keep your operations running smoothly, whether you have one office or many. 

We’re certified by the best in the business, our accredited engineers are available 24/7x 365 days to provide the expertise you need.

We provide support services for every business, from local to global brands

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With remote monitoring we’ll know if a meeting room is offline before you do

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We’ll keep up to date on the latest tech and innovations, so you don’t have to

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Our staff are highly knowledgeable and continue to take professional training

Simplified IT support across locations: we believe tech support should reduce your IT team's workload, ensuring smooth connectivity for all your sites and workspaces.

Remote troubleshooting
24/7 helpdesk support
Certified engineers
Regular maintenance and software updates
View and track service history
Guaranteed response times

FAQs on Digicom Multi-Site Support Services

Why should I choose Digicom for my multi-site AV integration?
At Digicom, we specialise in simplifying complex collaboration technologies, particularly in mission-critical environments. We help you identify the right features to achieve your multi-site goals.
How does Digicom facilitate multi-site operations?
Our solutions enable seamless content sharing across different regions, so your teams can collaborate in real-time, no matter where they are.
Why is consistency important in multi-site setups?
Consistent design and technology across all your sites ensure smooth operation and a familiar experience for team members working in different locations.
What should I consider when planning a multi-site operation?
Consider time zones, international logistics, and consistent technology. At Digicom, we are detail oriented and provide a top-notch service to help you manage these factors smoothly.
What is Digicom’s experience with multi-site installations?
With extensive experience, we have created custom operations centres for clients worldwide, ensuring consistency and reliability across all sites.
How can Digicom assist in implementing multi-site capabilities?
We guide you through the entire setup process. Contact us for a consultation to explore layout options, AV integration, and more.

Scaling your business and need extra support?

Discover how our multi-site support services can make managing multiple locations easier than ever before. As your business grows, we offer the flexibility to adapt and scale your support needs.

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