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Mono printing is one of many solutions we offer at Digicom as part of our Managed Print Services.

Mono Printing Services

We cater to a variety of business needs, from producing marketing materials to creating internal documentation.

You’re likely wasting time and resources every day by printing in-house. By outsourcing your requirements to a professionally managed service provider, you can save time and money, and benefit from higher-quality printed materials.

What is Mono Printing?

Mono printing, short for monochromatic printing, uses only a single colour, typically black.

This is commonly referred to as ‘black and white’ printing and is in contrast to colour printing, which uses multiple ink or toner colours.

Mono printing is often used for text documents, forms, reports and other materials that don’t require colour. It’s also ideal for line drawings, diagrams and other monochromatic graphics.

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As the first CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark Certified company in Ireland, we offer the global standard in print auditing and system design.

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Work-from-home friendly systems with access from any location.

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Cut waste, track usage and help save the environment with doc management.

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Securely create, store and use information in line with GDPR compliance.

What Are the Advantages of Mono Printing?

Mono printing offers several advantages for various applications. Here are some key benefits:


Mono is generally more cost-effective than colour printing. It requires only a single black toner or ink cartridge, thereby reducing consumable expenses. Also, the cost of consumables is more predictable and easier to budget for, as it involves fewer variables than colour printing.


Mono printers are often faster for printing text documents, as they don’t need to process multiple ink or toner colours. This can significantly improve productivity for high-volume printing tasks. Plus, it’s straightforward and easy to set up, making it accessible to users with minimal technical expertise.


Black text on white paper provides high contrast, which enhances readability. This is particularly important for text-heavy documents and materials that require clarity.

Document Security

Mono printing is often preferred for high-security documents, such as checks, legal contracts and confidential reports. Since there’s only one colour, it’s difficult to tamper with or alter printed content.


Documents printed in black ink, especially when using laser printing technology, tend to have a longer lifespan. They are typically more resistant to fading and damage compared to colour prints.

Environmentally Friendly

This type of printing consumes fewer resources, generates less waste and requires less energy. Therefore, it’s more environmentally friendly than colour printing.

Reduced Maintenance

Mono printers are often simpler and require less maintenance than colour printers. This not only makes them more reliable but can also reduce the total cost of ownership.


Mono printing solutions, including printers and consumables, are widely available, making it easy to source the necessary equipment and supplies.

Mono or Colour Printing?

While mono printing is an excellent choice for many applications, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of your printing tasks.

Colour printing may be more suitable when visual elements, graphics or branding are required. However, for documents where readability, cost-efficiency and document security are paramount, mono is often the preferred option.

Mono printing is an efficient and practical solution for many printing needs. It is the optimum choice when colour is not essential for conveying information or when cost and speed are more important than design.

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