Kramer VIA Connect

Kramer VIA lets you connect wirelessly, collaborate easily, and engage everyone in the room in the work you’re doing. It provides a common platform for all those laptops, smartphones, and tablets in real-time on one digital canvas. So things get done right then and there—not afterward or through email.

Kramer VIA is a shared workspace for team collaboration in real-time. Anybody who’s in the room can help create and edit a common document through their individual devices, then share and save it. Designed to eliminate wasted time, lack of productivity, and distracted attendees in meetings, classrooms, and presentations, Kramer VIA is the enemy of inefficient meetings. That’s because VIA acts as a collaboration hub so you can:


VIA is a solution that enables you to bring your own device (BYOD) to a meeting: Mac® or Windows laptops, tablets, iOS, or Android-based Smartphones. Just log on using Wi-Fi or LAN connections and you are connected. It’s wireless, it’s instantaneous and it’s easy!


Attendees can work together in a meeting, using VIA’s network. All you do is click “Step-In” and your screen is integrated into the main display. Then, you can start collaborating and interacting with other participants, work on a shared document, save it and send it through the VIA Cloud or even use the interactive whiteboard.


VIA enables authentic engagement in meetings. You can share your files with other participants, chat, or stream full HD videos in perfect quality. Everyone gets to participate, interact, and be involved. Attendees become active participants – not bored bystanders.

via Kramer Electronics