22 Feb

ISE 2018: Keep it simple. Do it better.

Keep it simple. Do it better.  And remember: users are driving all the experience.

That’s how I’d summarise the ISE this year. It reinforced what truly matters: user experience (UX), and rightly so. Yes the AV integration is important to customers, but only if it can deliver a smooth and efficient experience for the end-user.

For example, it is essential for large companies with several meeting rooms to ensure UX consistency in every meeting space. The equipment being the same in all meeting rooms, it simplifies operations and IT systems and the points of failure are minimised.

The boardroom remains the space requiring the largest investment in terms of AV, but it’s no longer the only one. Smaller meeting rooms (of 4, 6 or 8 people) also matter and should be fitted out with quality assets, albeit at a smaller spend. After all, that’s where teams collaborate, products are developed and plans are made. These rooms need to be equipped with AV solutions of the highest standard (i.e. quality audio*).

Barclays’ global head of strategy for collaboration services puts it this way: “If a user can not figure out how a meeting room functions within a minute, something has failed”. Well planned and streamlined meeting room equipment allow meetings to start on time and finish on time or even ahead. There is no wasting time trying to figure out “how to connect the presentation to the main display” for example…

And companies do well to bear in mind that the digital tools most of us enjoy daily via our phone or laptop are very efficient. To retain talent in our flexible working era, the technology at the disposal of employees at work must at least equal if not surpass these functionalities.

A good reminder for all AV integrators to focus on what’s important for the customer, recommend only what is necessary (do you really need room control for your lights and blinds?) and above all, ensure a smooth and easy ride for all end-users.


*i.e. BI_AMP new Digital Sound Processor (DSP) and Beam tracking microphone


Pat Hazley

AV Consultant, Digicom

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