Insurance Company – Case Study

Boardroom & Meeting Rooms

Audio Visual Technology Meets Aesthetics

This fit-out on St. Stephens Green, is an example of where technology does not invade classical aesthetics, yet the technology works to specification and is fit for purpose. The 26 person boardroom is situated to the front of the Georgian building. The room is used for quarterly global board meetings. The table houses 5 omni directional mics which are used on occasion to video conference delegates into the meeting, Two large format LCD Screens are housed and concealed in tastefully designed cabinets. The cabinet to the right also houses a video conferencing codec & pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera. There is a second PTZ camera housed at the other end of the room to accommodate the delegates at the other end of the table.


All the rooms in the building faced a similar challenge. Aesthetically integrate AV technology and be fit for purpose. The Video Conferencing Huddle Space allows casual high stool seating and comfortable sofa seating, whilst being in conversation with the far side. Seeing their room on one screen and sharing the discussed data on the other.

The brainstorming projects work-space, was designed in a round table format to allow full interaction and participation between delegates. Again when required, delegates who were unable to attend in person, could be video into the call on the large screen and if necessary, data could be shared on screen, with the far side. In this case the video of the far side would become picture in picture, with the large screen displaying the shared data.


Most other rooms have the more traditional boardroom format, with large screens at the top of the room. All cables are concealed. None of the Georgian architecture was damaged. All audio visual technology was tastefully integrated with the aesthetics of the building. This was down to great consultation with the client, significant resource and time being spent with Digicom project management & the client design team. Finally careful installation & commissioning of the equipment by the Digicom engineering team. The site is maintained and remains fresh through the ongoing support of the Digicom service support team. The client enjoys ongoing preventative maintenance, on site support and same day response to tickets opened, within agreed time periods, depending on how mission critical status of the the room.