Hospitality Audio Visual Solutions

We specialise in audio visual solutions for the hospitality industry. 

From conference rooms to hotel accommodations, our expert team excels at  designing and installing top-notch systems for hotels, bars, restaurants, and leisure facilities.


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Here for every space

In hospitality, digital solutions and wireless audio visual systems are crucial, not just for training and conference spaces but also for hotel rooms and restaurants. 

At Digicom, we understand the challenges your sector faces amidst rapid advancements. As AV system experts, we guide you, install your systems, and offer ongoing support tailored to your hospitality needs.

AV Services for Hospitality 

Digital Signage

Increase engagement with your facilities using our digital signage solutions. These systems not only reduce workload but also function as self-check-in systems with advertising capabilities.


Meeting Room Facilities

Provide your guests with user-friendly conference facilities. Our room solutions include video conferencing, wireless presentation tools, and top-tier display screens.


Sound Systems

Set the mood and improve guest comfort with customisable background music solutions or public announcements for lobbies, bars, and restaurants.


Conference and Event Space Instals

Tailor your conference rooms and event spaces for AV setups by including audio systems, video displays, and interactive features.


Projectors and Screens

Enhance guest experiences with high-definition projectors and screens for presentations, movie nights, and providing immersive entertainment experiences.


Induction Loops

Promote inclusivity for guests with hearing impairments by offering assistive listening systems, such as induction loops, to ensure everyone can fully participate and enjoy their experience.


AV Service and Maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure optimal performance and reliability of AV systems.


AV Installation

Professional installation of AV equipment tailored to the specific needs and layout of hospitality establishments.

Printing Hardware & Support Services 

We get it. In your list of priorities, printing devices usually falls near the bottom – until they don’t work.

When they’re down, it affects everyone, from guests to staff. That’s where we can help with same day response times, more printer uptime, and free toner recycling. 



We know this is a big consideration in the hotel industry, so we’ve introduced a recycling programme. 

Just pop your empty toners in a box and we’ll pick them up and recycle them for free. 


Smarter insights

We use Print Vision, a tool to monitor all your devices. 

Not only do we automatically dispatch replacement toners when you run low. We can also troubleshoot faults remotely, sometimes before you’re even aware of them.


Saving money 

The insight reports from Print Vision provide usage read-outs per device. 

We can run an audit and look at how you can make cost savings  – we regularly save our clients up to 35% on their printing costs.

Who we work with

We’re trusted by Dalata Group and Cliste Group to provide world-class printing hardware and service support.

“Our partnership with Digicom goes back more than 9 years, involving over 25 hotels across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. 

We wanted to take the hassle out of print and Digicom have certainly achieved that for us.” Anthony Murray, Dalata

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How can av help hospitality businesses?

AV systems can upgrade the guest experience with entertaining content, smooth communication, and interactive features. AV allows you to streamline operations, making staff collaboration more efficient and tasks easier to manage. It can also set your venue apart, leaving a memorable impression on guests.


What are the benefits of AV solutions for hospitality businesses?

By investing in high-quality AV technology your hospitality business can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Work smarter
  • Improve your brand image
  • Increase repeat business through positive word-of-mouth
  • Automate processes 
  • Improve guest experiences 


Can hospitality av solutions help with events and conferences in hospitality venues?

Yes, AV technology can be used to support many different events and conferences in hospitality venues. Our team provides complete solutions that are tailored to your needs. We can help with everything from installing equipment to maintaining it. 


Can hospitality AV solutions be changed to fit different types and sizes of hospitality venues?

Yes, our AV solutions are flexible and can be adjusted to suit different types and sizes of hospitality venues. We can customise the audio visual system to meet your specific business needs.


Are hospitality av solutions easy for guests and staff to use?

Yes, our AV solutions are designed to be easy for both guests and staff. Our technicians will give thorough training on how to use the equipment, so everyone can use it without any problems. This ensures your business can offer a great customer experience without any hassle.