03 Sep

Employer considerations one should think of when working from home

With ongoing uncertainty in the workplace more and more people are choosing or being advised to work remotely.  Employers have a duty of care to all employees and must ensure that their home working environment complies with all the same Health & Safety Regulations as office based employees.

To ensure employee welfare and continued productivity Digicom have engaged with a number of our clients to see how we can assist in this area.

Our discussions have highlighted a number of shortfalls in the home working environment.  These can range from space restrictions, inability to access company documents, background noise & IT issues.  It’s important to remember here that there is not a “One Size Fits All” solution.

Digicom were recently engaged by a multinational insurance company to provide “Work from Home Bundles” to keep their remote workforce healthy, engaged and productive.  All employees were given a list of items deemed appropriate and asked to choose what they needed.  Items ranging from foldable desks, lumbar supports to headsets were among those listed.

As a result all the employees now not only feel valued but their home working environment mirrors that of the office.

For more information on Digicom “Work from Home Bundles” click here. Or contact us at info@digicom.ie

Author: Barry Mulligan, Sales Manager | barry.mulligan@digicom.ie

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