02 Jun

Digitise your Documentation to the Cloud with Ricoh Smart Integration

Do you have a need to use cloud services such as Microsoft, Google or Dropbox?

Has your organisation adopted a cloud strategy or are you planning to do so in the near future by embracing services such as Office 365 or GSuite?

How do you and your fellow employees access and share content from these cloud services? How can you print and scan directly to and from MS Teams, One Drive, SharePoint etc. while adhering to local policies?

A serverless solution has many benefits for you such as;

➤ No server hardware or software required on your premises,

➤ No need for any dedicated customer IT support to monitor the solution,

➤ New features and updates are automatically and immediately available to you,

➤ All user access is through a web-based interface so no need for any client software to be deployed.

To address your challenges and see the many significant benefits our solution brings allow us to provide you with a Free 30 Day Trial of one of our Ricoh Smart Integration Software Packages.

Digitise your Documentation to the Cloud by using Ricoh Smart Integration
That’s where Ricoh’s range of Smart Integration apps for your MFP excels. Sign up, and you’ll be able to scan paper copies of all of your documents and convert them into a digital format. Send them straight to your cloud storage account. Going paperless means helping to protect the environment, but you also become more efficient at work.  Digital documents can be stored, indexed, and shared in an instant online.

Contact Barry Mulligan for further details: barry.mulligan@digicom.ie and join us at our Ricoh Smart Integration 45 min. webinar on 23rd June at 9.30am:

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