Digital Signage: For Offices and Venues

Digital signage is an increasingly popular way to share multimedia content.

If you’re looking for a simple but powerful display solution for your office space or another business venue, you’ve come to the right place. Setting up a system by yourself is possible, but opting for digital signage as a service is much more efficient and cost-effective.

At Digicom, we pride ourselves on offering expert solutions through a wide range of commercial and corporate digital signage systems.


What is Digital Signage and How Does It Work?

Digital signage, which is also often referred to as electronic signage, is the collective term for digital display technologies, such as LCD monitors and LED walls.

In offices and other business spaces, digital signage can be used for many purposes, such as sharing information, making announcements, streaming multimedia content and advertising. This is particularly popular in retail, where it’s important to communicate promotional messages to consumers.

By installing digital display screens that are connected to one central control system, content can be shared throughout a space on each screen. It’s possible to circulate different multimedia to each screen and to display the same content across all screens.

Whether you want to share images, videos, animations or something else, updates to display material can be made in real time or scheduled.

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Save money by subscribing for a monthly fee instead of buying expensive hardware and software.

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A scalable solution so the tech is consistently fit-for-purpose and standardised across your business.

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Advantages and Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital display screens are an excellent way to easily share messaging in a visually appealing way.

With non-digital displays, such as posters or print advertisements, the image is naturally static. Therefore only one concept can be shown at a time. With the digital version, messaging can be changed from one moment to the next, making it easier and more efficient to share information. Also, targeted messages can be sent to hundreds or even thousands of displays simultaneously.

In the office, there are unique benefits to using digital signage technology. Research shows that presentations made with visual aids are 43% more persuasive, meaning this technology can be used to boost success when pitching clients. Also, digital signage can be used to enhance internal communication in the workplace, which can increase employee productivity by 25%.

When it comes to retail stores, data shows that 80% of brands using digital display screens enjoy an increase in sales of up to 33%. Nearly a fifth of consumers have made an impulse purchase after seeing a product promoted via a digital display.

Your employees or customers likely already come across digital signage regularly and are therefore familiar with it. Plus, with visual information often being much easier to understand and remember than other mediums, this is a strong way to share messages that make a lasting impression.

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    Who Do We Work With?

    At Digicom, we’re experts in audio-visual digital signage and provide both hardware and software for our clients. We work with a vast range of different industries, including finance, pharmaceutical, professional services, technology, education, government and real estate.

    Read on for some common examples of digital signage within our areas of expertise.


    Banks are increasingly using digital signage in-branch to display offers and services for customers. Some banks even offer interactive digital displays that customers can use to obtain information without waiting to speak to an advisor.


    More than 60% of students are visual learners, so using this technology can be a great help in the classroom. Digital displays create a more fun and interactive experience, leading to higher levels of student engagement.

    Additionally, digital signage can be used around the school to share information, such as important dates or reminders of schedule changes.


    Digital signage is widely utilised in government buildings to benefit both workers and the public. This technology is used to communicate information, save on the costs associated with printing relevant materials and offer support in unattended areas.

    What Is the Future Trend of Digital Signage?

    Far from being a passing trend, digital signage will be growing in importance and use over the coming years.

    Of the businesses already using commercial digital signage systems, 53% state they expect to increase their spending in this area. Fortunately, as the technology evolves, the cost of installing and using these systems continues to come down.