13 Mar

Crestron XiO Cloud: where AV meets IoT

Crestron XiO cloud: the revolutionary IoT-based deployment and management platform for the modern, intelligent workplace


Crestron was chosen as the Microsoft 2018 IoT Partner of the Year based on the innovative way Crestron XiO Cloud is tying together the E2E cloud to device experience to improve the modern, intelligent workplace.

Crestron XiO Cloud_Microsoft Partner IoT



Quickly and easily implement new workplace technology

Reduce installation time by up to 90%


Configure up to thousands of devices in the same time it takes to configure one

Update settings and firmware remotely


Resolve events remotely to improve device uptime

No more panicked calls


Gather actionable usage data to optimise people, space, and technology, with no programming

Make sure your workplace technology supports how people work


“The goal is to make more and more devices XiO cloud compatible so you can deploy your entire system from the cloud”

XiO Cloud Crestron Approach

The benefits provided by Crestron XiO Cloud can begin for the end user before their Crestron products have even been delivered to their office or work place.

Digicom can remotely configure each compatible connected Crestron product to match your needs and requirements, assigning products to specific meeting rooms.

This allows for products to be delivered and fully functional immediately once connected to your network, speeding up the installation and reducing any potential inconvenience for your business.

Contact Digicom today for further details on Crestron XiO Cloud pricing and benefits.


Find out more: Watch the Crestron XiO Cloud introduction video:

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