13 Nov

Create your Huddle Room and increase productivity

Video conferencing has largely moved out of traditional boardrooms and into smaller, ad hoc spaces. Enter the huddle room.

Huddle Rooms are small meeting spaces that are usually designed to host three to six people. They are typically equipped with conferencing and collaboration technology to optimise workflows.

Why choose huddle rooms?

The rise in the number of remote workers stresses the importance for teams to communicate and access projects from wherever they are and on whatever devices they choose. Ad hoc spaces have become essential to accommodate team workflow demands.

Huddle rooms are a way to bridge the communication and collaboration gap without needing to invest in expensive, large-room equipment. Small rooms equipped with video conferencing can meet the communication needs of teams, and a huddle room design can be customised to enhance collaboration.

Set up your Huddle Room with Digicom for as little as €179 a month.

This offer includes video conferencing, presentation systems and wireless connection.

What’s included in this offer:

  • Samsung screen DC55E
  • Desktop mic and surface speakers:
  • Devio SCR20T (Conferencing Platform)
  • Cornered Ci2 (Loudspeakers)
  • Avonic CM20 (USB Room Cam)
  • Airtame Wireless Presenter HDMI dongle


Click here to download the Digicom AVaaS Huddle Room  flyer in PDF.

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