09 Feb 2022

The struggle with our mindset returning to the office, post-pandemic. Learn from the experience & leverage efficiency.

A great disaster in this period of our lives, is to return to the way it was before March 2019. Our habits and behaviours must realign. Einstein’s theory of madness comes to mind. Knowing the time, we have wasted in the past, simply for the comfort of habit, can no longer justify its return.

We dread change. But we must negotiate a deal. First let us look at what was, pre-pandemic. Then let us study what worked during the pandemic and compromise between. What was pre-pandemic was a commute, distraction, and busy all the time. But there was subliminal learning and instinctive entrepreneurship. This led to growth. We just weren’t particularly good at recognising the moments that led to this evolution.

At home eliminated distraction. Created comfort in our own environment and gave us time back. For the family. For the dog. For our health. We became institutionalised in our new conveniences. But there was no networking. No water cooler moments. A chat became a scheduled Teams call. Managing tasks was easier. But there was no socialising. Our inner landscape became more comfortable as an introvert, rather than and extravert. We were heading off course and to the rocks of isolation.

Today we must recognise the office as the place of creativity, socialising, learning and energy. Single task hours can be confined to the workplace of the home. But to see growth, manage change beyond our control and retain a positive culture, we as people need interaction. This is the point of inflection we need to grasp. This is where the need of technology has brough us. But the need of us humans, has not changed.

So, plan for the blend. Accept the change. But most important keep collaborating between the technology and the people. Your business must strive for meeting equity and focus on retaining its values. I remember a man who kept insisting on making handkerchiefs and would not change. Even though paper tissues stormed the market. That is where we are. The technology genie is out of the bottle. It is how we plan to change the behaviours and habits of our people that will result in the success of our dynamic business to come.

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13 Jan 2021

Five Outcomes for the Office Workplace Post Pandemic – Be Ready


  1. The Future is Hybrid: A majority of participants believe there will be an increase in hybrid work, wherein employees will spend part of the week working in the office and the other part working remotely, whether in their home or in a third location.
  2. 100% Remote will be Rare: While some companies are considering allowing employees to work completely remote for as long as they would like, this model will likely be an exception.
  3. Building Flexibility: Office tenants will want flexible office offerings to expand space on-demand. Additionally, tenants will value more flexible, communal space, as needed.
  4.  Layout Changes: The expectation is for expanded communal space such as conference rooms of various sizes, huddle rooms and social areas for people to congregate—cafés, hospitality-style sitting areas, village greens and more.
  5.  Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Influencing Choice: Workers will potentially worry that their colleagues in the office are having a better experience and that they—remote workers— are “missing things and their career is suffering because of it.” (Source:C&W-Jan 2020)
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