04 Jul 2020

3 tips to support remote working employees

Remote work is here to stay. Are you ready?

Over 60% of Irish employers are looking at ways to make remote working a permanent option for their employees.

What key criteria do you need to consider to ensure a productive and comfortable environment for your employees?

Health & Safety

Under Irish law employers maintain a duty of care to all employees and so must ensure that their home working environment complies with all the same Health & Safety Regulations as office-based employees.

What you can do:

  • Ensure your remote teams have the basics in place – not just the technology, but the right workspace and equipment to safely and effectively work remotely.

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Protecting your business’ vital information

Security should not be left to employees to implement on their devices. It should be controlled and managed by the employer. Issuing a company laptop to remote workers brings with it improved ability to manage security permissions. Acknowledging the obligations companies have is essential to safeguarding not only their data, but that of their customers. Failure to do so will not only result in a loss of reputation but also risks the large monetary penalties legislated by GDPR.

What you can do:

  • Formalise security – ensure you have the right systems and processes to protect your company’s vital information – either through remote IT infrastructure or the cloud.
  • Educate and engage employees on security processes and practices.

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Keeping the remote workforce productive, engaged and healthy

Although the power of technology can address many of the challenges related to remote working, one area it can’t support as effectively is ensuring that the remote workforce continues to be engaged and looks after its health. Remote workers will benefit from a better work-life balance, however they may also encounter problems such as isolation. Workers may also face a range of unique challenges when working from home, especially in today’s environment. They are juggling work with other external distractions such as childcare, chores and home dynamics. It is imperative that when adopting policies to ensure teams can work remotely, these policies ensure that a workforce’s well being is also prioritised.

What you can do:

  • Out of sight, but not out of mind – the well being of your workers should be of the highest priority.
  • Help them create an environment that ensures remote working not only benefits the company, but the employee.
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19 Mar 2019

Meet Poly – Plantronics and Polycom Rebrand

Plantronics announced it would be acquiring Polycom for around $2 billion at the end of March 2018. Now a year on, Plantronics and Polycom have taken this opportunity to completely relaunch a seemingly new business, rather than taking one of the pre-existing brands forward.There is much more in the formation of Poly than just a new logo and branding. Poly will also have a raft of new focuses around different areas of innovation designed to drive the new company forward into its next stage of development.

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23 Jan 2019

What you need to know about Collaboration Displays

Collaboration Displays define a new category of devices and aim to disrupt and digitise work spaces in a unique way. They are thought to be used in small and large meeting rooms, Huddle rooms, classrooms and open layouts and offices. The big difference compared to other solutions are the integrated sensors, the Azure IoT integration and the one cable-connect approach with USB-C.

Collaboration Displays are equipped with far field microphones, cameras and speakers for video conferencing and a large high-resolution multi-touch ink-enabled display.

Find out why should you invest in a Collaboration Display.

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13 Nov 2018
08 Feb 2018

Should businesses in Ireland be doing more to enable mobile workstyles?

The demographic of the workplace has changed with more people working from home and on the move. Despite this, businesses in Ireland are failing to embrace and enable mobile workstyles for employees.

According to Ricoh Ireland’s 2017 Workstyle Innovation Survey, in association with TechPro magazine and involving 175 IT decision-makers from private and public sector organisations across Ireland, only 37% of workers have authorisation and the remote access tools to enjoy a mobile workstyle. This is surprising when you consider the benefits of mobile working which includes greater flexibility (79%), increased productivity (69%), attracting and retaining the best talent (37%), enhanced business continuity and improved customer service (both 36%). In other words, supporting and enabling mobility is not only advantageous for the individuals but also the organisation, as well as its customers or clients.

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