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5 Tips for Running an Efficient Conference Call

Conference calls are a staple of business life, a necessity for organisations of all shapes and sizes. It might even be difficult for you to put a number on the how many conference calls you have participated in during your career. However, how many of those conference calls were run efficiently and were a productive use of the participants’ time? Here are 5 tips on how to do it.

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05 Dec 2014

Ibec Case Study

Customer Success Story – Ibec transforms collaboration with Polycom

“Video conferences allows us to be fluid all the time, we can stick to agendas and keep things going. Making sure we connect with everyone is very important, so we all feel like one organisation, one team.”
Martin Wells, Director of Member Services, Ibec

As Ireland strengthens its business reputation in the European marketplace, the power of relationships is paramount. Ibec is an organisation dedicated to leading, shaping, and promoting business policy and conditions to drive economic success. With 160 employees in seven offices, and over 7,000 members across numerous sectors, the organisation’s ability to communicate is crucial.

“Video has been transformational for us,” says Martin Wells, director of member services at Ibec. “It’s imperative we connect with people in the regions, not just for Ibec staff, but for our membership and organisations. It makes things more immediate.”

The Ibec Board comprises of CEOs and business leaders scattered across Ireland and working from every corner of the globe. Connecting them is critical. “These guys are busy. You’ll never get them all here physically, so video has been great for us that way,” says Wells. “It means we’re fluid all the time and we can stick to agendas and keep things going.”

Beyond its Irish borders, Ibec maintains a European team in Brussels, Belgium that is instrumental to the governance and regulation process. Bridging that gap has been a win for all. “Rather than having to fly back and forth, we can meet quickly now. We can make the sessions and understand the impacts,” explains Wells. “It just makes us that much more agile and flexible in the way we work.”

Time and distance greatly impacts planning and Ibec has enhanced work-life balance for its internal staff, while ramping up value. “By using the system, we don’t have people traveling from Cork or Waterford or Donegal to Dublin for a meeting or training workshop that might only last an hour or two,” says Yvonne Clancy, director of talent at Ibec. “It’s much more time effective for people.” With the video solutions, training is much more effective, and so is general communications internally. Clancy points out the importance of addressing the entire company as one, with one video meeting.

Ibec has pieced together all the components to better serve its members and customers, and operate internally at best capacity. Wells notes the importance of collaboration. “Making sure we connect with everyone is very important, so we all feel like one organisation, one team.”

Dave Curtis IT infrastructure manager at Ibec confirms that their objectives were met by deploying Polycom. His mission as IT Infrastructure Manager was to enhance meeting capacity, deliver a solution that would be easy to use, and be adopted by the staff. Digicom, his local audio video partner, and Polycom certified reseller designed and supports the successful project. Curtis confirms, “We exceeded the plan we had put together with Digicom the first year, and we far ahead of our forecast for video meetings this year.” The future plans for Curtis, at Ibec are to deliver greater flexibility by rolling out Polycom RealPresence Desktop.

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22 Sep 2014

Polycom RealPresence Group 500 Special Offer

Digicom are running a Polycom trade in promotion discount of up to 25% for your existing Video Conferencing units. This offer applies to the equipment listed below. As you can see is not limited to just Polycom units. As an added incentive for the next 2 months, we are also bundling Premier Maintenance for Year 1 Free of Charge for trade ups to the Polycom RealPresence Group 500 series. This only applies to trade-ups and is in an effort to encourage replacement of end-of-life kit.

Polycom RealPresence Group series combines great video experiences and a new breakthrough simple interface with the broadest interoperability and lowest total cost of ownership of any video. The Polycom® RealPresence® Group Series brings a new standard of efficiency and productivity to your group collaboration. It combines great video experiences and a new breakthrough simple interface with the broadest interoperability and lowest total cost of ownership of any video collaboration system.

For conference rooms and your other meeting environments, the Polycom RealPresence Group 500 delivers powerful video collaboration performance in a sleek design that is easy to configure and use. Support for dual monitors and ultiple options for sharing content make it an ideal fit for most standard-sized meeting rooms. Single-cable connections for video and audio simplify setup, while the small, sleek design allows for discreet placement of the device. Plus, the small design makes it ideal for mobile applications, whether moved to different locations within a building or used as part of your mobile video kit.

Full list of equipment eligible for trade-in: Cisco/Tandberg (C Series, MXP Series, MSE Series, Edge Series), Lifesize (Room, Team, Express), Sony (PCS Series), Aethra (Vega series), Huawei (View Point Series), Radvision Scopia VC240, VTEL conferencing systems, Polycom iPower, Polycom View Stations and Polycom VSX series.

The program with additional free maintenance bundle runs until 12th November 2014.

Feel free to Contact Digicom for more information on this trade-in offer or call 01 4600022.

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