31 Oct 2019

Digicom Build Largest Video Wall in Ireland

We are very proud of our team who designed built and are now supporting a 52 screen video wall at The Motorway Traffic Control Centre, which monitors and manages more than 65 million vehicle journeys a year at its new state of the art workspace near the Port Tunnel in Dublin.

There has been a phenomenal amount of works undertaken which is a credit to the Digicom team.

Read more and watch a short video on this amazing project

Are you also planning to install a video wall for your business?

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The 52 screen video wall at The Motorway Traffic Control Centre in Dublin
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06 Jun 2019

Polycom Studio: the easy-to-use USB based video conferencing solution

Today’s open office spaces have resulted in an explosion of smaller meeting spaces, or “huddle rooms”. But of an estimated 32 million huddle rooms globally, only two percent of those spaces include equipment for video conferencing, which is becoming increasingly important for the mobile workforce. And, while the rooms may be small, the ideas that businesses are counting on coming out of those rooms are anything but. Polycom Studio’s HD audio and video clarity brings boardroom capability to even the smallest of spaces.

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19 Mar 2019

Meet Poly – Plantronics and Polycom Rebrand

Plantronics announced it would be acquiring Polycom for around $2 billion at the end of March 2018. Now a year on, Plantronics and Polycom have taken this opportunity to completely relaunch a seemingly new business, rather than taking one of the pre-existing brands forward.There is much more in the formation of Poly than just a new logo and branding. Poly will also have a raft of new focuses around different areas of innovation designed to drive the new company forward into its next stage of development.

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13 Mar 2019
23 Jan 2019

What you need to know about Collaboration Displays

Collaboration Displays define a new category of devices and aim to disrupt and digitise work spaces in a unique way. They are thought to be used in small and large meeting rooms, Huddle rooms, classrooms and open layouts and offices. The big difference compared to other solutions are the integrated sensors, the Azure IoT integration and the one cable-connect approach with USB-C.

Collaboration Displays are equipped with far field microphones, cameras and speakers for video conferencing and a large high-resolution multi-touch ink-enabled display.

Find out why should you invest in a Collaboration Display.

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13 Nov 2018
26 Jun 2018

It’s time to try Zoom, #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Video Conferencing

Do you know what HP, Oracle and GAP have in common, along with over a million of successful companies? Well, they all use Zoom!

Zoom is the latest, fastest growing video conferencing solution on the market.

Founded by Eric Yuan, WebEx founding engineer and previously part of Cisco, Zoom is the no.1 Video Conferencing solution in customer satisfaction.

Their slogan, “Delivering Happiness” says it all: this simple and easy friendly solution is one of the best on the market. Zoom’s engineers have over 1000 years of combined experience working on real-time collaboration software.

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12 Mar 2018

Why integrating digital technologies is key to the success of pharmaceuticals companies

The pharmaceutical landscape is becoming more challenging than ever. Patients and consumers of today are now constantly socially connected and pharmaceutical organisations must provide on-demand access to information and support. While scientific advancements have led to miraculous treatments, technological advancements also have the potential to facilitate unprecedented innovation.

To adapt and succeed in this changing landscape, pharmaceuticals companies need to respond by incorporating digital tools and improving processes.

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22 Feb 2018

ISE 2018: Keep it simple. Do it better.

Keep it simple. Do it better.  And remember: users are driving all the experience.
That’s how I’d summarise the ISE this year. It reinforced what truly matters: user experience (UX), and rightly so. Yes the AV integration is important to customers, but only if it can deliver a smooth and efficient experience for the end-user.

For example, it is essential for large companies with several meeting rooms to ensure UX consistency in every meeting space. The equipment being the same in all meeting rooms, it simplifies operations and IT systems and the points of failure are minimised.

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22 Feb 2018

Latest Audio Visual Technologies from ISE 2018

The Integrated System Europe event was back in full swing this year, proof that the Audio Visual landscape is more buoyant than ever (if we ever needed one!)

ISE 2018 was the largest and busiest Integrated Systems Europe in its 15-year history. Across all 15 halls, visitors experienced a vibrant showcase of the latest AV and systems integration technologies, products and solutions. Almost 35,000 visitors attended the first day of the show and over 30% of the total attendees were visiting ISE for the first time.

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