Arachas Case Study

Ireland’s largest, fastest growing nationwide insurance brokerage improves efficiency, productivity and security with managed document solution

Arachas pride themselves on only working with the best in build high quality insurance products that they are happy to recommend, so that their customers get the peace of mind that comes from a personalised insurance service. One of the key elements of Arachas’ operation is being able to produce and manage huge volumes of documents securely. This is an essential part of the insurance process.

Download the full case study in PDF here: Arachas Case Study


  • GDPR & Financial Services compliance
  • Existing document and print facilities slow, time consuming and difficult to manage
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Eliminate business risk
  • Migrate to digital service

Arachas wanted to replace their current fleet of MFDs with the latest in MFD technology while implementing a more consistent user experience across their locations. There was also a lack of control with print/copy output within the business and Arachas had a strong desire to address this with a more robust solution that would include Secure Follow You printing by allowing users to authenticate at the MFD via their existing ID card. Arachas also expressed their interest to eliminate a number of single functions scanners and 3rd party software used to integrate with their back end systems, Open-I and Adest.

Arachas turned to their preferred and trusted supplier Digicom, who after viewing all of the requirements, provided their company with an overarching print strategy which not only delivered the print hardware but also included an integrated Ricoh Software solution. After undertaking a site visit and device audit of Arachas’ print, scan and copy usage, Digicom recommended a fleet of 14 IMC 3000A’s
Ricoh Multifunctional Products (MFPs) to help digitise all documents and scan, print, copy and fax.



  • Digitisation of documents and Managed Print Solution across 5 locations powered by Ricoh Multi-Function technology
  • Unified Experience across all Ricoh devices and sites using Single Sign On technology
  • Kofax NSI AutoStore to coordinate the capture and secure delivery of paper, electronic documents and data into business applications
  • Kofax Equitrac Office Intelligent Print Management Software to implement secure “Follow You” print release enhancing security, confidentiality and GDPR compliance


Digicom supported by Ricoh Solutions Architects investigated Arachas’ capture and index workflows and designed a bespoke solution that combined the Ricoh devices with Kofax Equitrac in conjunction with Kofax Autostore to create a single, integrated and managed print/scan solution to address all their challenges.

Kofax Equitrac, server-based print management solution is designed to help reduce waste, make more efficient use of staff time and  increase security. Equitrac allows Arachas to set rules-based printing while helping to provide visibility into who is printing and when. As well as reducing the overall cost of printing, Equitrac offers a management reporting tool that gives the organisation a greater understanding of its employees’ behaviour – which are heavy users, how much they copy, scan and print and to which devices – which can subsequently lead management to identify cost savings over time. It does all this while also improving document security and eliminating waste to support environmental sustainability.

In order to optimize processes and drive greater efficiencies, Ricoh also deployed Kofax AutoStore, a solution that orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper, electronic documents and data into business applications. With AutoStore working in conjunction with Equitrac, Arachas now has an intuitive and easy-to-use document digitisation mechanism via the fleet of Ricoh MFDs.




  • Full control and greater efficiency for document capture/digitisation and print release
  • Far greater insight into print use and expense
  • Significant cost and resource saving
  • Productivity and sustainability benefits
  • Increased business efficiency
  • More secure technology
  • More accessible information
  • ‘Work From Home’ friendly with direct access to documents from any location

“The Digicom solution increased efficiency for all staff, allowing easy and secure printing. The printing and scanning steps are now the same in every office, which is very useful for the staff that can work from multiple offices in one month. From an IT perspective, everything is centrally managed and Digicom ensured integration with our insurance systems.”

Diarmuid Quirke, Head of IT, Arachas

In summary, Arachas through Digicom opted for a Ricoh Managed Document Services solution: a mix of professional and managed services, hardware and software, which was entirely tailored to their needs. As part of this bespoke solution Digicom supported by Ricoh Ireland improved the current workflow for Arachas, enhanced their user experience while also improving security and compliance.

Arachas has already seen a host of benefits at different levels throughout the organisation. In fact, they now anticipates cost savings across the board as a result of the new print solution.

Download the full case study in PDF here: Arachas Case Study