Carton House Case Study

Mixing Cosmopolitan Chic with Contemporary Cool, Carton House Hotel in Kildare is one of the best luxury hotels Ireland has to offer. This beautifully restored historic mansion has been discreetly converted into a modern luxury destination – the first of its kind in Ireland.


The Challenge

  • Previously, Carton House acquired 48 printers/photocopiers over time from 6 different manufacturers. Their old solution was unplanned and grew organically to meet immediate needs.
  • Staff was burdened with managing problems as they arose, with the need to call expensive IT support as needed.
  • Carton House specifically wished to outsource all aspects of their maintenance, consumables, and toners to include preventative measures to avoid downtime, in and out of normal business hours.
  • They understood their need to consolidate, control and manage their largest fleet of machines, but did not know how best to resolve these issues.
  • Reducing their carbon footprint was another strategic requirement of any solution deployed.


After a substantial audit/survey of both the hardware and people using the machines, a new solution was recommended reducing the fleet of machines by 35%. The solution agreed, upon includes the provision of all services including preventative and emergency maintenance, remote monitoring of all devices, IT troubleshooting, and all consumables and parts to deliver maximum equipment uptime.

One quarterly bill for ease of administration, with a half-yearly account review. Minimum disruption to the business of running Carton House with the solution deployment – Digicom pre-configured all devices and related software achieving same-day installation and solution completion.

  • Minimum running costs savings of 20% achieved immediately.
  • Significant administration and staff time savings in managing the print hardware, supplies, and billing aspects.
  • Immediate reduction by 25% of Carton House IT resources.
  • Print-related workflows streamlined and faster turnaround for guests, both in registering and checking out.
  • Standardisation with all new models improved staff confidence and is greatly increasing successful print outcomes.