We’re experts in specialist AV & digital workspace connectivity

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We support your agile working environments by seamlessly connecting your people and workspaces with reliable, seamless and up-to-date AV technology, to boost productivity and create seamless collaboration experiences.
I need a room to function 100% of the time with no interaction from me Digicom Clients

Tech that just works is only the beginning

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Adaptable solutions that evolve with your business.

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Professional installation that looks as good as it functions.

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A standardised service throughout your offices.

We’re certified by the best in the business

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AV equipment and services that takes the tech off your IT team’s plate

Video Conferencing
Audio Conferencing
Digital Signage
Room Control
Room Booking Systems
Presentation Systems
TV Signal and IP TV
Room Monitoring

Reimagine how you do meetings


No need to book rooms 15 minutes in advance just to set-up the tech


Don’t take your IT person away from their day job when the audio goes wrong


Video call equality, no matter where the attendees are based


Keep your team engaged and the culture alive when working from home


Keep meetings quick and more efficient when connectivity is seamless


Save costly travel expenses by creating seamless video experiences

Discover how Digicom helps clients such as Dropbox, Blueface and EY power the potential of their people and workspaces.

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