AVaaS: Audio Visual Contractors

In today’s fast-paced business world, where technology continues to evolve at an exciting pace, quality and ease of communication and collaboration are paramount. To ensure you implement the best solutions, you can rely on Digicom for audio-visual consulting.

What is AVaaS?

Corporate audio-visual services and solutions can be confusing, especially if your needs are often changing. Our ‘AV as a Service’ (AVaaS) packages are here to simplify and solve your audio-visual needs.

AVaaS is a way of providing organisations with top-quality audio-visual solutions and support on a subscription basis. This cloud-based service means businesses can work directly with audio-visual contractors, so they don’t have to purchase or maintain their equipment and software.

The perfect solution to stay one step ahead of the tech

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Save money by subscribing for a monthly fee instead of buying expensive hardware and software.

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Peace of mind for your whole team, with expert support always on hand.

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A scalable solution so the tech is consistently fit-for-purpose and standardised across your business.

The Key Features of AVaaS

Let’s explore how AVaaS works, what the benefits are and why it’s becoming increasingly popular across countless industries.

When you opt for AVaaS, you’ll benefit from the following:


AVaaS will provide the necessary hardware to meet all of your AV needs. Plus, with AVaaS, these components will be customised to meet specific requirements, so you can trust the solution is tailored to your business.


Your software needs will also be met, including solutions for content sharing and remote teamwork. These are the tools that your employees use for communication and collaboration, so it’s essential that you implement the most appropriate software.


With AVaaS, you’ll receive ongoing assistance with maintenance, troubleshooting and technical queries.

This high-level support ensures your equipment remains in optimal condition without incurring the high cost of replacements.


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What is AV Equipment?

Any electronic device used for audio or visual purposes can be described as AV equipment. This includes digital displays, cameras, microphones, speakers and more.

This equipment can be used in combination to create AV systems and rooms for a variety of purposes.

What is an AV System?

AV systems enable communication between the various pieces of equipment in use, such as cameras, microphones and digital displays. With an AV system, all of the connected equipment can be controlled through one device.

What Is an AV Room Used For?

An AV room is a space that has been configured with the necessary equipment for the desired purpose. These rooms are typically used for meetings, presentations and collaboration between remote teams.

What Are the Advantages of AVaaS?

There are many benefits to using this subscription-based model for audio-visual services.


Due to the nature of this solution, AVaaS can easily be scaled up or down, which is great if you need to quickly adapt to a change in requirements. This is particularly beneficial if your business has ever-changing needs or if you suddenly experience rapid growth.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Since AVaaS operates on a subscription-based pricing model, this eliminates the huge upfront expense of purchasing AV equipment. This allows you to budget more effectively and avoid unexpected repair or replacement costs.

This type of service also means you only pay for what you need, so you can save money if your requirements are scaled down, such as during seasonal fluctuations.

The Latest Technology

AVaaS providers will regularly upgrade hardware and software to ensure clients can enjoy the most up-to-date technology and features. This means you don’t have to take on the responsibility of frequently investing in new AV equipment or software.

Expert Support

With AV as a Service, you’ll have easy access to expert support for any issues that arise. This helps to reduce the pressure on your in-house IT team and minimise system downtime.

Remote Collaboration

Keeping your teams connected is essential when employees work remotely from multiple locations. With AVaaS, your team will have the tools they need to work together seamlessly.

AV as a Service packages

  • Poly X Series MTR / Zoom Rooms
  • 55” Wall mounted display
  • 3 year lease + an SLA

  • A Logitech MTR / Zoom Rooms
  • 65” Screen Wall Mounted
  • 3 year lease + an SLA

  • A QSC MTR / Zoom Rooms
  • 75” wall mounted interactive screen
  • 3 year lease + an SLA

  • A Crestron MTR
  • 2 X 65” wall mounted LCD screens
  • 3 year lease + an SLA

Let’s discuss the right package for your needs, or a bespoke package.

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    Who Do We Work With?

    At Digicom, we work across a wide selection of different industries, including finance, pharmaceutical, professional services, technology, education, government and real estate.

    Read on for some common examples of AVaaS applications within these areas.

    Professional Services

    AVaaS is a popular solution for those requiring audio-visual services for professional purposes. Whether it’s for board meetings, conferences or presentations, our solutions will enhance the experience.

    Check out the different meeting room options provided by Digicom.


    Within education, there are two main uses of audio-visual services, which are creating interactive classroom environments and providing students with remote access to educational content, without compromising on quality. This is why AVaaS is the perfect option.

    Real Estate

    The right combination of AV equipment can be used to provide interactive experiences to real estate clients. Being able to offer virtual tours of properties helps save time for both the real estate agent and prospective buyer, and the heightened quality enabled by AVaaS improves the customer experience.

    Audio-Visual Consulting Services

    As you can see, AVaaS is revolutionising the way businesses and other organisations approach AV technology. To save money, stay up to date with the latest technologies and scale operations with ease, AVaaS is the answer.

    In the future, AVaaS is expected to play an increasingly vital role in many sectors and industries, supporting businesses as they strive to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

    Embracing this solution could be the key your business needs to unlock new opportunities and achieve operational excellence. This all starts when you connect with the AV experts at Digicom.

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