23 Jan

What you need to know about Collaboration Displays

What are Collaboration Displays?


Collaboration Displays define a new category of devices and aim to disrupt and digitise work spaces in a unique way. They are thought to be used in small and large meeting rooms, Huddle rooms, classrooms and open layouts and offices. The big difference compared to other solutions are the integrated sensors, the Azure IoT integration and the one cable-connect approach with USB-C.

Collaboration Displays are equipped with far field microphones, cameras and speakers for video conferencing and a large high-resolution multi-touch ink-enabled display.


Why should you invest in a Collaboration Display?


Collaboration is critical to business success, so choosing the right tools to enhance and accelerate teamwork is essential to increasing productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

Collaboration Displays are another option to digitally transform your meeting rooms and create innovative modern workspace.

With the integrated cameras, microphones and speakers they serve as full video and audio-conferencing systems and collaboration devices.

In a building that allows to optimise the facility management, the Collaboration Displays can help to make heating and cooling more efficient and save energy. No additional sensors need to be installed and due the Azure IoT integration companies can create smart space solutions.


Why Choose a Collaboration Display by Avocor


The Collaboration Display from Avocor as a 65’’ display with a 4K resolution, 20-point InGlass Intelligent Touch and supports up to 4 pens with eraser and simultaneous pen and touch. There are sensors for room temperature, room brightness and proximity. The display can be used with a USB-C cable that combines 4 cables into 1. It includes DisplayPort, USB, Power and Ethernet. The Avocor display is the only one certified for Skype for Business and Azure.


Seamless Workplace Collaborative Technology

  • The  collaboration display by Avocor is an out-of-the-box, all-in-one solution featuring a single USB-C cable to get meeting started easily and ontime.
  • The first display available globally that is certified for Skype for Business and Azure.
  • First interactive display to incorporate built-in sensors which connect to the Microsoft Azure IoT Digital Twins platform, allowing for intelligent, environmental data reporting.


Download the Avocor brochure hereAvocor_WCD_brochure_16.01.19





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