5 advantages of video conferencing

Video conferencing has changed the way we communicate in business, improving efficiencies, productivity, reducing costs and improving engagement. By using the best video conferencing hardware and the latest software solutions, organisations are now better connected, not only to each other and to their partners, but to their markets – both domestically and globally.

So what is it that draws so many modern businesses to video conferencing services and platforms? We’ve identified 5 key benefits of video conferencing.

1.    Save time and money and improve efficiencies

Chances are, getting the main participants of your meeting together in one place at the same time is difficult.

For far-flung teams, attending meetings is an expensive and time-consuming activity. The best video conferencing hardware and software helps people to stay in contact without spending a needless amount of time, money, and effort travelling to and from meetings.

2.    Increasing productivity across the board

People are more productive when they can gain access to resources, information, and guidance without delay. Video conferencing platforms provide key points of connection that make sure this is the case within your business.

3.    Employees respond well to video conferencing

Video conferencing has long been shown to help employees enjoy a better work/life balance. This, in turn, makes them feel more stable, settled, and happy working within their organisational structure, and makes video conferencing a great employee retention asset.

4.    Flexibility to deploy remote teams more effectively

Before video conferencing, it was immensely difficult to deploy remote teams in the field. These teams would simply become isolated and cut off from procedural and cultural best practices at the core of the business.

Today, video conferencing solutions make it easier for organisations to benefit from the flexibility of remote teams, with the best video conferencing hardware and software making this critical aspect of modern business effortlessly easy.

With almost two-thirds of modern businesses now utilising remote teams within their own structures, your company can’t afford to be left behind in this fast-moving, digital age. Video conferencing makes sure this isn’t the case.

5.    Targeting real engagement

Much has been made of the concept of ‘an engaged team’, and employee and partner engagement are often key internal targets for businesses. Let’s think about how this can be achieved – is it better to engage another human being through a series of semi-anonymous emails and perhaps a couple of phone calls? Or through direct, face-to-face communication, even if that communication is handled across a digital connection?

Most of us will probably opt for the latter, and video conferencing hardware and software provides the platform we need to make this happen.

Better than the real thing!

In 2017, Forbes published an article which touched on Western Sydney University and their use of video conferencing. Forbes found that, for most participants, taking part in a video conference was just as good as the real thing, with many added benefits. Running everyday meetings, company announcements, shareholder/investor calls, or large-scale conferencing events is so easy and economical with video conferencing.

Video conferencing is not so much a revolution as it’s an evolution – the next logical step in efficient business communication and mobility and forms part of your business’ digital transformation. Get in touch with our Digicom team today and discover how we can help your business leverage the best results from your video conferencing objectives.