02 Jun 2021

Digitise your Documentation to the Cloud with Ricoh Smart Integration

Do you have a need to use cloud services such as Microsoft, Google or Dropbox?
Has your organisation adopted a cloud strategy or are you planning to do so in the near future by embracing services such as Office 365 or GSuite?
How do you and your fellow employees access and share content from these cloud services? How can you print and scan directly to and from MS Teams, One Drive, SharePoint etc. while adhering to local policies?

Join us at the Ricoh Smart Integration webinar on 23rd June at 9.30 am

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16 May 2021

Planning the Office Workplace of the Future: Webinar Part 2

Creating a Fusion out of the Confusion:

Planning the Office Workplace of the Future – Part II

Free Online Seminar | Thursday 27 May from 13h00 to 13h45 GMT


Building on the success of the first in this series and your feedback we’re pleased to invite you to the second part of the discussion.

On the agenda:

Digital Transformation is Powering the Latest Industrial Revolution Where Organisations Get to Set a New Path Based on Their Purpose Versus Their Workplace

Learn How the New ‘Dropbox Virtual First Toolkit’ Relates to You and Your Future Workplace

Deploying a Data-Led Approach to Building the Agile and Resilient Workplace of the Future



Julian Philllips AVI SPL

Julian Phillips Senior Vice President, Global Workplace Solutions at AVI-SPL (Digicom Global Partner)

Julian and his team bridge the gap between architecture, design, corporate real estate and technology, delivering integrated experiential solutions for customer engagement and workplace transformation around the world. He was chairman and a board director at AVIXA (the Audio Visual and Integrated Experience Association) for 7 years. Living in Philadelphia, Julian is a frequent speaker and writer on digital transformation and emerging technologies.

Neil McMahon Dropbox

Neil McMahon Head of Collaboration Technology at Dropbox

Neil has been working in technology for almost 25 years and is passionate about creating a great user experience. Currently at Dropbox, Neil is Head of Collaboration Technology and focused on how tools can be used to empower teams to do their best work in a Virtual First world.

Laura Phelan AON

Laura Phelan, Director, Human Capital Solutions, AON

Laura is an Occupational Psychologist and has over twenty five years’ experience working with organisations ensuring that their HR strategies and practices support the achievement of the business agenda.

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Did you know?

We have built the largest video wall in Europe at the Motorway Traffic Control Center in Dublin: find out more here

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07 Mar 2021

Creating a Fusion out of the Confusion: Planning the Office Workplace of the Future

This complimentary 45 min. online seminar will answer these questions:
How best to plan the return to the office for your teams and what needs to be thought through?
How to successfully manage a distributed workforce (i.e. in the office, at home, sitting in the coffee shop)?
How to blend technology with a new workspace?
How can you retain your company values while transforming your workplace?

Speaking at the event are John Moran, CEO of JLL Ireland and also Head of Capital Markets; Theresa Daly Managing Director at Wilfield Consulting; Dr Frank O’Donnell heads up Public Sector as part of the Microsoft Ireland leadership team.

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05 Feb 2021

Ireland’s largest insurance brokerage improves efficiency & security with managed document solution

Arachas wanted to replace their current fleet of MFDs with the latest in MFD technology while implementing a more consistent user experience across their locations. Digicom supported by Ricoh Solutions Architects investigated Arachas’ capture and index workflows and designed a bespoke solution that combined the Ricoh devices with Kofax Equitrac in conjunction with Kofax Autostore to create a single, integrated and managed print/scan solution to address all their challenges.

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13 Jan 2021

Five Outcomes for the Office Workplace Post Pandemic – Be Ready


  1. The Future is Hybrid: A majority of participants believe there will be an increase in hybrid work, wherein employees will spend part of the week working in the office and the other part working remotely, whether in their home or in a third location.
  2. 100% Remote will be Rare: While some companies are considering allowing employees to work completely remote for as long as they would like, this model will likely be an exception.
  3. Building Flexibility: Office tenants will want flexible office offerings to expand space on-demand. Additionally, tenants will value more flexible, communal space, as needed.
  4.  Layout Changes: The expectation is for expanded communal space such as conference rooms of various sizes, huddle rooms and social areas for people to congregate—cafés, hospitality-style sitting areas, village greens and more.
  5.  Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Influencing Choice: Workers will potentially worry that their colleagues in the office are having a better experience and that they—remote workers— are “missing things and their career is suffering because of it.” (Source:C&W-Jan 2020)
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