28 Aug 2014

Digicom renewed as Cisco Ireland Authorized Technology Provider (ATP)

Digicom has again met the resource requirements for the ATP – Cisco TelePresence Video Express program and has demonstrated its qualifications to sell, install, and support customers with ATP – Cisco TelePresence Video Express products and solutions in IRELAND.

In recognition of this achievement, Cisco will continue to recognize Digicom as having achieved this ATP designation in the Cisco Ireland Partner Locator at http://www.cisco.com/go/partnerlocator.

“Cisco values the ongoing commitment and expertise that Digicom has demonstrated and looks forward to continuing this valuable relationship.” said a Cisco representative.


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26 Aug 2014

Digicom Earns Respected Technology Industry Credential

CompTIA Managed Print Services Trustmark™ signifies commitment to industry best practices, high level of customer service.

Digicom are proud to announce today it has received the CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark™, a respected industry credential that signifies its adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction.

“Earning this credential identifies Digicom as a business that meets or exceeds the best business practices the IT industry has to offer,” said Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president, industry relations, CompTIA.

The Trustmark was developed by CompTIA, the non-profit association for the information technology industry, in collaboration with industry experts and leaders, to identify businesses that have made a commitment to the highest levels of integrity and sustained quality service. The Trustmark is designed specifically for technology businesses offering on-premise print services via a managed services business model.

To earn the CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark, Digicom was evaluated on the internal practices and procedures they use to run their business and the external activities and operations they engage in with customers and prospects.
Visit CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark to learn more.

About CompTIA
CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (IT) industry. Its members are the companies at the forefront of innovation; and the professionals responsible for maximizing the benefits organizations receive from their investments in technology. CompTIA is dedicated to advancing industry growth through its educational programs, market research, networking events, professional certifications, and public policy advocacy.

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26 Aug 2014

IFG Group Plc Case Study

With information and pension statements a critical part of its business operation, Irish financial services firm, IFG Group, needed to find a more reliable way of producing information for its clients. After implementing a Digicom and Ricoh Office print solution IFG has reduced print cost and also improved reliability, speed, and productivity.


The IFG Group is a financial services company specialising in retirement planning solutions for Irish and multinational companies, and for all aspects of personal financial planning and pensions in Ireland. With its head office in Dublin, IFG’s international operations also include the UK and Europe. The organisation employs 800 staff, has a market capitalisation of £150 million, and manages £17 billion in assets.

IFG has pioneered the use of technology to improve its services. The IFG Pension Portal is Ireland’s most innovative interactive information source. But despite a trend toward more digital information, key parts of financial services still rely heavily on paper-based materials and documents. Pension services, which is a mainstay of IFG’s business, have regulations that require providers to issue member benefit statements as paper-based printed documents within a five-month deadline. For its customers, IFG produces these statements at its Dublin head office. Each customer can have an information pack of around XX pages, so the print runs can amount to thousands of pages each time they are required.

IFG had already taken the step to change its print resources for individual desktop devices to a more unified managed print service. But the company’s business growth, increasing demand from customers and the need to produce more complex documents meant the print system was no longer meeting business needs.

The existing print devices were coming to the end of life and would often break down during higher volume print runs, with frequent paper jams and other technical issues. Print software that supported Follow Me print was also old and no longer effective. It was unreliable and frequently failed to work with staff going to a printer and finding it could not print off their document. Printer downtime was increasing and staff was left for longer and longer periods without a printer.

“The slow speed of the printers and not being able to retrieve the jobs and log in to the machines, were the two key issues we had on a fairly long-term basis. From a business productivity point of view, it simply wasn’t working,” says Alan Kelly, IT Director at IFG Group Plc.

The plan was to replace its printing system with a more robust and reliable solution. As well as good quality equipment and ease of use for staff, one of the key requirements was having an effective level of support. IFG investigated a number of different suppliers and, in the end, decided to work with local supplier Digicom, a Ricoh business partner.

“We were impressed with what the partnership between Digicom and Ricoh could deliver. Compared to many other manufacturers, Ricoh offered a great range of high-quality, high-specification devices. This combined with excellence service and support from Digicom meant the solution provided speed, reliability, and value for money,” says Kelly.

Digicom and Ricoh were able to deliver and deploy the new print solution at IFG in just 24 hours, with little or no disruptions to business operations.


At its head office in Dublin, IFG has deployed a Digicom and Ricoh Office solution, comprising seven high-volume Ricoh Multifunction Products (MFPs), three standard MFPs, Ricoh software, and Digicom support. The Ricoh MFPs are networked and integrated into IFG’s existing business applications to provide the business with a single, enterprise-wide system so that when required, information for the IFG Pension Portal and other systems can be produced easily.

Print Control software is used to manage print services and enable a more efficient and effective Follow Me print facility with staff using their security fobs to release a print job from any device. Digicom’s remote software solution enables Digicom and IFG to manage the Ricoh MFPs efficiently by providing accurate, real-time information about devices and consumable use.

The software can also be used to remotely monitor the health of machines, to spot any problems before they become a fault. Regular service checks also keep the printers in good running order, and Digicom engineers are on hand to fix faults within hours rather than days.

“Printing is one of the key services we provide to staff, and the success of the Digicom and Ricoh solution is measured by the fact that it is now one of the services they notice the least,” says Kelly. “Compared to the situation before, we can now ensure more reliable printing with both the equipment used by staff and with the software that runs the solution. It’s faster, more efficient, delivers better quality, and is helping drive up productivity.”

The Digicom and Ricoh print solution means that as well as improving standard, day-to-day printing, it is now much easier to print the thousands of pension documents required by financial regulations. A more efficient, easy-to-manage, and reliable solution is helping IFG reduce print costs.
Having more efficient software enables IFG to manage and monitor how print is used across the organisation so that departments are accurately billed for their printing, These kinds of benefits and overall improvement of all printing operations help reduce administration time associated with running print resources.

Another important benefit has been better quality output. Kelly says, “The Ricoh MFPs are a significant improvement on the previous devices we used. Not only do the higher specifications and faster print speeds cut down the amount of time it takes to run out thousands of pages of statements, but the quality of the printed page is also much better. While it may seem a minor thing, it’s also a key part of improving the quality of service we can deliver to our customers.”

Productivity is further enhanced by having the same type of MFP throughout IFG’s building since staff can use any device and do not need to learn how to use different machines.

Kelly says, “We’ve been very happy with the service we get from Digicom. The company is very responsive and any minor issues have been dealt with very quickly and efficiently.”


“Printing is one of the key services we provide to staff, and the success of the Digicom and Ricoh solution is measured by the fact that it is now one of the services they notice the least.  Compared to the situation before, we can now ensure more reliable printing with both the equipment that staff use and the software that runs the solution.  It’s faster, more efficient, delivers better quality, and is helping drive up productivity.”

Alan Kelly, IT Director | IFG Group Plc

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13 Aug 2014

Mazars Ireland

Ricoh and Digicom transform print operations for a leading Irish business consultancy.


Mazars Ireland is one of the country’s leading professional services firms. Its services include audit and assurance, consultancy, corporate finance, and taxation for a broad range of clients, covering corporate businesses, government and institutional organisations, small businesses, and individuals.  The company is part of the international Mazars group and is a member of Praxity, the world’s largest alliance of independent and unaffiliated audit and consultancy companies. In Ireland, Mazars has two offices, with its headquarters in Dublin and it serves clients across the whole of Ireland and internationally.

Mazars was typical of many organisations where print resources had grown over time in a buy-when-needed and ad hoc way. This resulted in around 49 printers, of varying ages and different types, sitting on desks spread across five floors. Because of the nature of its business, Mazars staff often handle sensitive client information, which they need to protect and so having personal, single-user printers helped achieve that, particularly among more senior staff who had their own offices. But this print setup was starting to get expensive, both in terms of actual equipment and management time.

Another issue was waste. Trevor McCarron, Director of IT & Finance for Mazars Ireland, says, “There was a lot of wasted paper found lying in printers every evening after everyone had gone home, which had to be shredded. So we had a number of issues around managing our print – running costs, waste, and capital outlay every time someone wanted a new printer.”

However, a building renovation gave Mazars the opportunity to change its office space into a more open working environment and take a new approach to deliver print resources.  Mazars put out a tender that was finally won by Ricoh’s business partner Digicom because of the comprehensive solution it had proposed. Also, Mazars was already using a lot of Ricoh equipment and Digicom had recommended using Ricoh.

Prior to deploying a solution, Digicom carried out an extensive audit of Mazars’ business operations to determine what print resources it needed, and then Digicom developed a solution based on delivering the best fit and best value for money.


The solution Mazars has deployed is a Digicom Managed Print Service (MPS), implemented and supported by Digicom. It comprises just seven Ricoh Multifunction Products (MFPs) – replacing the previous 49 printers – management software to control and monitor print activity, and support for maintenance and consumable supply. As well as printing, the Ricoh MFPs also include copy and scanning to email or directly into the network.

The Digicom MPS has been rolled out at Mazars’ Dublin office with the other office in Ireland to follow shortly.

The Digicom MPS gives Mazars much greater insight into how print resources are being used across the organisation because the print management application monitors user and device activity in real time and provides detailed reports. For example, the solution was able to identify and stop a user who had inadvertently started printing an 8,000-page spreadsheet document.

Part of the solution is ongoing support from Digicom to ensure the Ricoh MFPs function well. Remote monitoring using PrintVision of the Ricoh MFPs back to Digicom means that it can replace toner cartridges just before they run out, rather than afterward.

One or two of Mazars’ existing printers have been integrated into the Digicom MPS for use in the few remaining senior partner offices.


By reducing its print devices by over 75 percent and making its print operation more efficient and less wasteful, Mazars estimates that the Ricoh MPS will help it save between 20-25 percent on its print costs.

One of the key benefits of the Digicom MPS is much greater insight and control over how print resources are used at Mazars. The Digicom solution gives Mazars a much more detailed and granular picture of how print is being used across the organisation. On a monthly basis, McCarron can see which individuals or departments are the biggest users of print resources.  With this kind of information, the company can start to apply new processes, such as more accurate departmental charging.

McCarron says, “The Digicom MPS is enabling us to stop the situation of people printing something, realising they didn’t need it and leaving it in the print tray. This meant we were using a phenomenal amount of toner, which we have also been able to reduce.” McCarron says that since installing the Digicom MPS it has already started to help the company reduce waste paper which the Mazars estimates to be 15 percent.

The solution’s management application has helped Mazars put in place a number of policies that help to make printing more efficient and less wasteful. This includes being able to set all devices to print duplex and mono as default centrally. “Before, trying to apply these kinds of policies across 49 personal printers was very difficult,” says McCarron. In the past, anybody could order toner, resulting in little control over stock or cost. Not only does Digicom’s remote monitoring ensure toner is only supplied when it is needed, but it also means that devices are not out of use waiting for a new toner to arrive. Overall, the Ricoh MFPs achieve an operational uptime rate of 98 percent.

The Digicom MPS supports the company’s new working environment, with Ricoh MFPs in central locations across five floors in the Dublin office, so that employees are never far from a print device.  The Ricoh MFPs fit in well with the new open-plan office environment because of the Follow Me print capability, where individuals use swipe cards to release print jobs, which allows them to use any device irrespective of its location. The Ricoh MFPs are also quiet and have an aesthetic design. Having one type of device across the organisation means that staff can use any machine knowing that they all work in exactly the same way.

One challenge for Mazars had been changing the culture and work processes from individual to shared print services. A big help was making the change part of the redesign to an open-plan office and planning ahead to ensure the new print solution met user needs. Also, some of the features of the Digicom MPS, in particular, swiping a card before printing a document, were seen by staff as providing at least as good as before, if not more, security and privacy for sensitive information.

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13 Aug 2014

Shanahans Engineering

Shanahan Engineering requested Digicom to design and deliver a state of the art boardroom and presentation facility at their new Dun Laoghaire HQ.  The requirement was to provide an integrated AV solution to deliver a premium Audio and Video Conferencing experience for participants.

The deployed technologies were to be ‘best of breed’ and should handle HDMI signalling and scaling and overcome the challenges of HDCP and HDMI signalling over distances.   The equipment deployment needed to occupy a minimum of  real estate and be housed in a local credenza to ensure the boardroom retained its clean lines and remained clutter free.  Users needed to be presented with an effective and intuitive Graphical User Interface in a familiar form.

As the user base were familiar with Apple Tablets, the AMX TPContol application was selected to deliver AMX Touch Panel functionally on the familiar Apple iPad tablet.

AMX and the Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switcher was chosen as the core AV Platform as it addressed all of the client’s key technology requirements in a single compact enclosure.  The DVX delivered all of the components required to control/automate the boardroom  environment into a simple, flexible, comprehensive solution including control, video switching, transcoding and scaling, and local and remote distribution – all in a single, compact enclosure. In addition to these capabilities available on   either solution, the DVX offers room-level capabilities such as multi-format local inputs, audio mixing and amplification in the same enclosure.

The key features of the AMX Enova DVX are as follows:

All-In-One Boardroom In A Box Solution: Control, audio & video switching/distribution, scaling, converting, transcoding, amplification, plus built-in professional-grade DSP audio mixing and twisted pair distribution, all in a single   chassis.

SmartScale Technology: Automatically ensures signal output is scaled to every    display’s native resolution glitch free every time.

HDMI/HDCP Compliance: End-to-end distribution of HDMI signals with full HDCP, with the simplicity of analog, without interruption or key constraints using AMX’s InstaGate Pro technology.

Game Changing Device: Standardizing on this box reduces Total Cost of Ownership, including substantial savings in maintenance and energy utilization.


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13 Aug 2014


Arvato offers managed services and integrated outsourcing services and solutions. Arvato’s more than 63,000 employees are engaged in designing and implementing integrated solutions for business processes.

Project Summary

Digicom were responsible for the design, build and on-going support of the Audio Visual Integrated solution at Arvato. Arvato are well recognised for delivering excellence in customer service and fundamental to their approach, is to retain their people, in order to exceed client expectations.

Arvato had a passion to deliver a ‘Best Place to Work’ environment and sought many unique and affordable idea’s that was intricate with the detail. Digicom fitted out twenty two AV enabled Meeting rooms, including Training Room, Boardroom, AV enabled Creative Areas, Restaurant, plus Small Meeting Rooms and several large meeting rooms with Video Conference Facilities.

This comprised of Cisco Video Conferencing and Interactive Touch Screens and dual large LED   displays. While at reception and other key strategic viewing areas Digital Signage was installed to share corporate information neatly and dynamically. In all these areas there was a striving to ensure that the AV installation fitted the buildings aspirational brief so slim bezel LED Screens where adopted throughout the building.

Arvato also created conference facilities where they can engage with clients or staff alike. Here as well as having a hospitality facility, the clients can view presentations comfortably. This is achieved by a Ceiling Recessed Motorized Screen and a Projector on a hoist, coming down from the ceiling, when required. If the room is filled to capacity, a further two Large Format LCD Panels come down on Butterfly Hoists, from the ceiling. The room also has an even distribution of ceiling recessed speakers, in order to allow the even amplification of voice enhancement, throughout the room.

“Digicom were able to provide a team that supported developing the conceptual aspirations of the Project Design Team, right through the sales stage and to the infrastructure design of the project.  They also provided project management to ensure that the project deliverables were achieved under pressurised projects timelines, while slotting in with the other contractors.  The results and successes of these attributes contributed to them being awarded the maintenance contract which we hope will lead to a fruitful relationship in the future.”

– Ruairi Adam, Arvato


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13 Aug 2014


Allegion requested Digicom to design and deliver two integrated boardroom presentation solutions at their new HQ offices in Dublin.  The brief was to have the best possible presentation images delivered at the best possible resolution and quality with the need for minimum user intervention.  It was proposed that the new HQ location had no local Technical Support so the chosen solution should be self-contained with a minimal amount of cabling and an intuitive mode of operation.


Project Summary

With the client’s aspiration for a simple, self-contained, and robust presentation solution there was only one manufacturer who was able to address the Audio Processing, Video Scaling, Switching, and Control requirements in a single integrated solution; AMX and the Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers were chosen as the AV Platform.


The Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers Switchers combine all of the components you need to control/automate any environment into a simple, flexible,   comprehensive solution including control, video switching, transcoding and scaling, and local and remote distribution – all in a single, compact enclosure. In addition to these capabilities available on either solution, the DVX offers room-level capabilities such as multi-format local inputs, audio mixing, and amplification in the same enclosure.


The key features of the Enova DVX are as follows:


All-In-One Solution: Control, audio & video switching/distribution, scaling, converting, transcoding, amplification, plus built-in professional-grade DSP audio mixing and twisted pair distribution,   all in a  single small chassis.

SmartScale Technology: Automatically ensures signal output is scaled to every display’s native resolution.

HDMI/HDCP Compliance: End-to-end distribution of HDMI signals with full HDCP, with the simplicity of analogue, without interruption or key constraints using InstaGate Pro technology.


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