26 Mar 2014

Where are AV Integrators Going?

Well not away, if you must know. The coming years for AV integration are quite exciting, but challenging as the merger of IT & AV matures.

Cloud: Everybody’s going there, everybody is tired of the name. But AV as a Service is also moving to the cloud. Both Client and Integrator will win. The Integrator because of the ongoing monthly revenue. The Client because of the value the integrator will view the partnership and the need to constantly provide the best service to the client, over a lifetime. The even better news for the client will be no further requirement for big CAPEX budgets in order to keep up to date with the technology. Their Integrator will ensure that is the case ongoing. Video Conferencing will be the dominant product in this space and when the standard moves to web-based RTC, watch the exponential growth.

Smart Building: AV Integrators own the expertise and technology excellence to manage a secure IP platform to run a commercial building. Cisco, IBM, Honeywell, and Accenture are all aware and involved in this space as a result. Water, Access & Security, Fire & Life Safety, Elevators, Lighting, HVAC, Energy Management, High-Speed Internet, Wireless Connectivity, VPN Access, IP Telephony, AV Conferencing, and Digital Signage can all be seamlessly managed and integrated through one smart IT platform.

Big Data: A collection of data sets so large and complex, that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management or traditional data processing. Otherwise known as ‘the internet of things’. Well with every object having an IP address, this will allow AV Integrators to gather useful information for the client and make decisions, as a result of this. This will mean the Integrator will even get closer to the client, with ongoing useful information and ways of improving client efficiency or even saving them money.

It is thought the space will become so specialist and client/ integrator relationships, so tight, that the Integrator needs to choose the segments that they are best in and as importantly, choose the market segments they are best not in. Gartner has recorded that 15%-40% of the AV Integrators we have today, will not exist in 3 years. Up to now, the salesperson was able to roll up their sleeves and dig in. The future is about a group of people selling to another group of people, always asking how can we improve the client’s business and when they can expect their return. Paying attention to our clients wins.

Peter Fox, Digicom Sales Director

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20 Mar 2014

The Ultimate Guide To Records Management

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14 Mar 2014

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