14 Feb 2014

What does Google entering the Video Conferencing Hardware Market mean for you?

Last week Google announced a new product that they were offering in conjunction with Hardware Manufacturer Asus – The ChromeBox for Meetings Video Conferencing system.

The system is comprised of a Chromebox (small form PC running Chrome OS) with a USB Camera, USB Microphone & Remote Control to make a fully functional High Definition Video Conferencing System when combined with a display unit.

The most surprising aspect to the announcement? the price  – less than $1,000 to include a $250 annual fee for management and support.

This is great news for the Small to Medium Enterprise Video user especially if you are already running Google Apps for your email system.  We at Digicom have been running Google Apps for coming on 5 years now and sometimes the easiest way for us on making a video call is from the chat box on the side of out email screens. This now means we can call Room Systems without involving third party service. If you are not running Google Apps all you need is to sign up for a free Gmail account to get on board.

I’m looking forward to getting one of these to test out and to pit against the Cisco Telepresence and Polycom Realpresence units we have in  the office.

Currently these are only available in the US but plans are to launch in Europe soon.

Jared Huet

Operations Director, Digicom



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